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Words cannot express how sincerely grateful I am for Melissa’s guidance and encouragement. Suffering from ovarian cysts for well over 15 years, I felt sluggish and tired most of the time. Melissa’s individualized program helped me realize that my diet was the main contributor of my health concerns. With Melissa’s guidance, I began a lifestyle change full of wholefoods, delicious and innovative recipes and supplements. I now feel energetic and my health concerns are nonexistent. This dramatic change is all thanks to Melissa’s expertise and experience. I look forward to reading her weekly blogs and trying more creative recipes.

Melissa’s’ sexy, funny, and accesible approach to health made it possible for me to find balance in my diet and lifestyle and to feel passionate about nourishing my body with good, whole foods! Since I’ve found SexyFoodTherapy.com I have switched to a mostly Vegan/Raw diet and I’ve begun including yoga and meditation into my lifestyle. That belly pooch that had once seemed to me a life-long companion, has completely vanished and I finally have that “glow” to my skin that all the cool, healthy chicks were talkin’ about. Melissa cracked the code on chronic fatigue for me and my daily 3pm crash is a thing of the past!

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