Creating a New Year you’ll feel good about.

What words come to mind to describe this past year?

Success? Tragedy? Chaos? Triumph?

Truthfully a lot has happened in 2012 to the world and the winter is the perfect time to reflect. You see, according to Chinese Medicine, the winter is the time of the kidneys (or the adrenals according to Western Medicine). In other words, it means we need to root ourselves, which is why I reflect on the past year.

Maybe you had your heart broken, lost your job or fell into a financial slump and ate too much. Maybe you gained 10 or 20lbs. Maybe you said things you didn’t mean to someone and hurt them.  And maybe getting out of bed was the last thing you wanted to do because getting through the day at times was just too much to bare.

I get it I’ve been there.

This is the reason why the New Year presents so much hope.  It gives us the opportunity to turn things around and create more positive words to describe the year. This is the reason why I created The Enlighten Movement because by transforming your body you’ll be helping to transform the world.

For every body transformation you go through, it’ll be counted as one point and for every point, it will be matched with one random act of kindness.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Four phase plan (expert advice, hormonal analysis, meal plans and tons of recipes)
  • One-hour Skype consult with me
  • Audio recordings to motivate and inspire you
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Three video detox tutorials:
    • A 20-min fitness routine with Sammie Kennedy from Booty Camp Fitness
    • A tutorial with Stephan Gardner helping you uncover the emotional weight that’s holding you back
    • A cooking tutorial with myself
    • Three teleseminars with myself, Sammie Kennedy & Stephan Gardner to help you get your questions answered

In fact, I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

The total value of this program is $400 and I’m giving it away at a rate cheaper than an initial Skype consult with me. Yep, run with it sista, because it’s a steal.

I wouldn’t be providing any of this unless I could give back in some way and in 2013, I’m hoping to spread as much love as possible through the paying it forward aspect of this program.

Together, we can collectively create a set of positive words infused with love that will create a New Year that we can all feel good about…from the inside out.

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