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Do you feel like post-holiday shit?

When I received this email, I felt many of us could relate. Let's face it, sometimes if we go overboard during the holidays, we cheat...a little too much. Suddenly our pants are tight and we feel terrible. So I thought I'd come to the rescue and provide an indulgent little recipe (for that post-holiday sweet tooth) that is a part of The Enlighten Movement plan. We'll be transforming bodies with indulgent little recipes like this one. Plus I'll tell you about a must-have supplement to your diet that will make you glow. And if you haven't heard, every time you transform your body, my team will match it with one random act of kinds. Pretty sweet eh? Time to stop feeling like post holiday shit. Feeling sexy from the inside out with will never feel this good. Doors close on January 29, 2013, so don't miss out. xo Melissa

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