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Do you need to shed some emotional weight?

Ever feel like you just can't drop that last 10 pounds? That you've tried everything to get rid of that weight, get that digestive system under control, clear that skin, but nada. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a huge mind-body connection. I see this a lot with my patients and also with my own personal struggles.

I'm over the moon excited to share an interview I recently had with Emotional Specialist, Stephan Gardner. He is an expert in my Enlighten Movement program who will be helping you uncover the emotional weight that's holding you back.

The Enlighten Movement is coming on December 11 when doors open for purchase. You'll learn how to transform your body AND help to transform the world at the same time...without lifting a finger (details on that to come). But for now, you can RSVP to this online program free without any obligation and download my Ultimate Grocery & Kitchen Guide for FREE.



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