Do you stick out like a sore thumb?

They say your earliest recollection is often a bad memory and mine certainly was no different. The first time I felt like a sore thumb dates as far back to junior kindergarten. Quietly minding my own in a washroom stall, three of my classmates, ducked their head under the door and began pointing and laughing at me.

As I grew up, the notion of sticking out began to feel more real and I fell into bouts of depression over it. I, for the longest time would ache to fit in. In fact, I’d stress hard about it, stuffing my face with sugar, dairy and gluten-filled treats to wash away the stress. But the opposite happened, my skin exploded into a mess, I was hit hard with fatigue and my emotions went even more awry.

So I decided to do something about it.

I analyzed what I loved the most…because it could be hurting me the most.

I’m not talking about people but rather I’m talking about food.  I loved breads, sugar, pasta and dairy. I was the kind of kid who would down two glasses of milk at the dinner table without second thought. I’d turn to this set of foods every time I felt like I didn’t measure up to world around me. No more. I began to eat clean and suddenly something happened – emotional stability. This is one of the reasons that I’ll be including my personal favourite recipes in the Stress Detox.

blueberry crumble

(Grain-free blueberry crumble recipe - included in the Stress Detox program coming up)

We can emotionally eat the right way and not suffer the repercussions from it.

I asked myself, “How does sticking out serve me & how do I celebrate it?”

Listing the positives to the negative thoughts that consumes you might be one of the hardest things you’ll do, but truthfully it’ll do you a world of good. Stephan Gardner of the Stress Detox will be providing a discussion about this topic so you can do the same. Once I embraced it, I opened up my business despite the resistance from several people in the industry. No, I didn’t fit in and no longer did I care. Yes, I would continue to wear the lower cut shirts, dance in my kitchen, talk about love, sex and food and show my extreme klutziness and start to actually celebrate it. Alas, Sexy Food Therapy was born.

I turned it on inside.

I realized I had wasted so much energy stressing on the factors outside, so I began to search for ways to turn things on on the inside. I started going to yoga and while initially I stressed because I felt I was the most inflexible and weakest in the class, I didn’t give up. Suddenly I started to accept myself, feel stronger and more empowered. One of my favourite yoga instructors, David Good will be providing his know-how with seven yoga tutorials during the Stress Detox! Literally anyone can apply any of the routines by simply taking 15 minutes out of their day.

So if you’re anything like me, sticking out at certain points of your life have hurt a bit. The stress of wanting to fit in has likely ached so bad that maybe at times it consumed you, especially when everyone was invited except for you. So instead, create a platform that only you can call your own. They may resist initially, but eventually they’ll follow. And if they don’t, who gives a shit anyway? So with that bright and shiny note, I will leave you with a quote that may help give you some additional perspective:

“It’s better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” – Bhagavad Gita

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