Do you want love in 2013?

You’d be lying if you told me you didn’t want to feel loved in some capacity this New Year. Your need for love might come in wanting a significant other, getting more love from your friends or family and simply from the community around you. This isn’t an unrealistic expectation. So how, after a possibly exhausting 2012 do we receive love in 2013?

Maybe you had fights with your family or maybe you had your heart broken. Either way, it’s difficult to find love or feel gratitude when times are tough. Think about it, it’s easy to feel grateful during happy times but the real gratitude comes in when times couldn’t be anymore difficult. And you see, gratitude brings in abundance. So during a time of year that brings up bad memories, I have pushed myself to find the blessings in every moment. This year, I was determined that since my sights for 2013 are so bright that I had to see the end of 2012 differently.

This is why I created The Enlighten Movement where all the details will be released tomorrow for the launch at 12pm EST. The Enlighten Movement won’t just help you transform your body but you will be helping  to transform the world at the same time without lifting a finger. You see this global initiative will collectively bring in more love. And the more love we infuse in this planet the better place we'll all have to live in. You’ll hear stories, feel inspired and more than anything motivated to continue your transformation. You see by continuing your body transformation you will be fuelling the engine that propels the give back portion of this program. That’s right, I have combined a body transformation program with a feel good, helping the world aspect as well. By infusing generosity, kindness and love, love will be received by all. How sweet is that?

2013 is going to be quite the bright year. Stay tuned, because full details on that are coming out in The Enlighten Movement tomorrow. If you haven’t seen the trailer, RSVP’d and gotten a free copy of The Ultimate Grocery & Kitchen Guide, now’s your chance. The full video is airing tomorrow and I can barely contain myself…

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