Essential oil pulling – Kickstart Your Liver Detox FREE video #1

Detox with oil pulling...jacked up.

Hey mamas & papas,

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but lately the internet is filled with articles all about the wonders of oil pulling. Now even though I'm a practitioner myself, I'm always a little skeptic until I try something for myself or see studies to back it up. And guess what? I'm sold on oil pulling.

Now this ancient Ayurvedic (East Indian Medicine) technique has been around for centuries when traditionally sesame oil was used. But today, I'll be swapping things with coconut oil that is also loaded with benefits. It'll make your teeth whiter and believe it or not, help you detox through your mouth.

Now you may think, "I know all about this already Melissa." Well allow me to stop you right there because I'm here to take oil pulling to a whole new level and jack it up so you get even MORE benefits.

In fact, today I'm going to be talking about essential oil pulling.

You'll get all the goods and on top of it, receive a free downloadable sheet on essential oils benefits discussed today's video by clicking the video below.

ipadmini (7) I mean we are so jam-packed this week with a video tutorial every day until Saturday when we end things off with a FREE webinar on liver detoxification to help you feel sexy from the inside out.

Yup, I'm talking kissing that weight, hormonal and digestive balances goodbye. Once the webinar finishes, we'll be opening purchase doors on the Sexy Liver Detox and only 100 people will be able to join. The program sells out every year within days, so don't miss out.

So reserve on the webinar and to stay tuned the second we launch the full program right after.

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