Feeling emotional lately? You’re not alone.

As the snow begins to melt, the earth underneath begins to show its skin. It’s covered with grass; mold, dirt, junk and things begin to surface. And just like the earth, we’re much the same. We’ve been in a deep freeze for the past several months likely not living according to nature at all. Forget hibernating, rooting and storing through the winter months, chances are if you live in North America, you’ve likely been burning the candle at both ends.  So as another day in clinical practice comes and goes, I begin to see a common thread:

There’s an emotional uprising happening.

Yes, that fluttering in the chest, anger, frustration and maybe even depression. You see the best analogy I can provide is the one of a flower. To be able to bloom in the spring, you need to root yourself prior. Without doing so, the flower doesn’t bloom properly and has no roots. In other words, we’re left feeling scattered and completely unbalanced. I see this every spring in practice and much like the earth, we have to think that a lot of crap underneath that snow is going to begin to rear its ugly head. So what can we do?

Liver Support

When I say liver support, I certainly don’t mean detoxification – at least not yet. Wait until the spring when according to Chinese Medicine is the time of the liver and it will be most receptive. Right now add in 1 tsp of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar directly in the mouth before meals, look at getting to bed before 11pm and eat your greens. Here is one of my favourite salads:

grapefruit and green saladWarm Grapefruit Green Salad

1 cup cooked quinoa

5-6 stalks of asparagus

An avocado

One grapefruit cut into chunks

2 tbsp hemp seeds

Spoon cooked quinoa into a bowl. Set aside.

Sauté asparagus in butter or ghee for a couple minutes until asparagus is bright green.

With tongs, place asparagus on a cutting board and roughly chop. Add to quinoa bowl.

Spoon in avocado, grapefruit chunks and hemp seeds. Drizzle with dressing and serve.

Acupuncture & Acupressure Points

One of the most powerful things about acupuncture is its ability to unearth old, stuck emotions in the body. It does this by increasing circulation in the body and by doing so any old matter that’s been stuck will course through. I’ve had patients cry on my table or even after they’ve gone home – and that’s completely normal. So in the meantime, if you’re at the office or at home and having a moment, here are some acupressure point locations that might help.

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Conception Vessel 17 (CV 17)

This point is in line with the nipples and in the centre of the chest. It’s excellent for when you’re feeling tightness of the chest, anxious flutters and heart palpitations with sorrow or fear. By applying firm pressure on this point with your two fingers in a circular motion, will allow the chest centre to open and release any feelings of constriction.

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Pericardium 6 (PC 6)

This point is roughly 2 inches from the wrist crease and is amazing for nausea. So if you start to feel a bout of emotions that goes right to your second brain (your tummy), then start applying firm pressure on this point. And just like CV 17 above, it’s great to help open up the chest.

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Liver 3 (LV 3)

This point is located in between the big and the second toe and is at the base of where the bones meet. It’s great for when you’re feeling fiery, angry, frustrated and stuck. Simply apply firm pressure.

Just like the seasons, we change and have to shift accordingly and this doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. In the meantime, I’ll be holding a free webinar on emotional uprising, the liver and more about what you can do. Details are being finessed but its coming, so for now sign up and stay tuned:

Interested? Sign up here. 

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