Five health misconceptions exposed.

WARNING: the following content may make you smile, go into shock, feel upset, become wide-eyed, gasp or laugh so hard that you just might snort.

I truly believe in every single one of these points. Some of these I discuss with my patients when treating them. So **taking a deep breath in** here we go…

1) White rice isn't exactly bad for you.

Gasp! I know right? How could this be?? All the heath gurus telling you to inject your tummy full of whole grain goodness and then I spring this on you? Blasphemous!

So here’s the deal…

According to Chinese Medicine, people have used white rice therapeutically for years. Due to the hull that’s been removed, it’s easier to digest, so in the East, congees, which contain a porridge-like consistency was made. They injected it with a variety of ingredients to treat just about everything. In the past when I had undergone my emergency abdominal surgery, I had to regain my digestive system. Amongst my green smoothie regime, congees were made almost daily.

This isn’t to say I believe that refined products should be a staple in your world, but therapeutically, a little white rice can go a long way.

2) Not everyone is meant to be vegan or vegetarian.

To say that you are is to say that one diet fits all is simply not the case.  It’s why you see a Nutritionist & Acupuncturist like myself who will look at your blood type, medical history, thermal temperature, tongue and pulse analysis and will evaluate what’s right for you. I tried veganism years ago, properly combining my foods, reading up and being very careful of my iron and protein sources and I never felt more sick and bloated in my life.

3) The winter is not a time to detox.

I’ve written about this and screamed it from the high heavens.According to Chinese Medicine we should be is nourishing our kidney Qi (adrenals in Western philosophy) and rooting ourselves. Yes, you might have eaten or drank everything under the sun, want to lose weight and get more energy, but it can be done without detoxing. Your body’s natural instinct is to store your energy, so why on earth would you expect it to push out anything?

4) You don't have to buy everything organic.

But what about the pesticides, the GMO, etc.? I know and I get it, they’re there with non-organic food.

But what if you’re a single mom, just making ends meet? How about if you simply can’t afford organic food? Do you:

a)   Tell yourself you’re a bad mother because you’ll never be able to afford to feed your child healthy food.

b)   Say, “Fuck it, this calls for a Happy Meal.”

c)   Stuff organic oranges in your bra & wink at the male cashier.

d)   Concentrate and check out this list to save you money.

In addition, please note: toxins store in fat tissue, so if you are going to buy meat, fats or dairy, please opt for organic varieties instead.

5) He doesn't always have to make the first move.

I know you may think this doesn’t apply to health, but shit damn, it does. I believe that emotional wellness has every bit to do with your health then what you stick in your pie hole. So avoiding making the move is because you’re thinking is manipulating you to feel fear. That fear will then create a reaction (emotional eating), which will then create a result (a third butt cheek).

So ask yourself: if you did approach this person of interest that you’ve magically put on a pedestal, what would be the drawbacks if you got him/her? And what would be the benefits if he/she rejected you? Once you answer these questions truthfully (list 10 for each), then you will dissolve the fear and go for it because you’ll feel like you have nothing to lose or gain.

And just as a side note: I’ve been happily with my boyfriend, The Bartender for almost a year now that I picked up.

Now I want to hear from YOU, what health misconception have you recently discovered?

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