foods that relieve constipation

Can’t shit? Here are foods that relieve constipation.

So you’re sitting there hoping for something, maybe pushing or doing your taxes in your head while you wait for something. And then all of a sudden you think, “oh we just might have a winner here folks!” until you look down to realize…a kibble. I mean you feel like you still have to go, right? Or maybe you bypass this entire process altogether because hell, you just can’t shit. So what can you do?

Eat these foods to relieve constipation.

Listen folks, there's a reason why they call me the "Poop Whisperer" and why I've created my free Number 2 Chart that will help you understand what your poop says about you.

Shit tip #1: Fat, fat and more fat

Many of the times that I see people who suffer from constipation, its because their diet is lacking in fats – and that includes saturated fat because believe it or not, you need it. The types of fats I recommend to people are coconut oil, ghee, organic (or even better grass-fed) butter and fish oil. And be liberal with it. I will put ghee or coconut oil in my hot drinks and smoothies and I’ll add a good dollop in a pan to sauté some veggies too. Fat is essential to lubricate our digestive pipes, which is needed to avoid constipation.

Shit tip #2: DandyBlend, the delicious coffee alternative

I know that many people rely on their coffee as a major digestive crutch, but I’ve found that DandyBlend actually helps too. Since DandyBlend is a mixture of liver-loving herbs, it actually promotes good digestion. Coffee on the other hand, while a laxative, does tend to reduce the assimilation of many of nutrients, so DandyBlend is a great bonus. 

Shit tip #3: Chia seeds vs flax seeds

I know there are some flax fanatics out there, but given that it does have the ability to increase estrogen levels in the body, I’d rather stick to chia seeds. Adding these babies into a pudding for example will help to satiate sugar cravings and help promote the defecation of one good deuce the morning after. 

chia pudding

Shit tip #4: Triphala

You may be thinking that this is more of a supplement rather than a food, but when you consider that triphala is a blend of three different types of herbs, then I would still put it in the food category. Triphala does function like a laxative, but one that does not create dependency.

In fact, triphala is rich in vitamin C and is considered in Ayurvedic medicine as a nutritive and can be taken over a long period of time with no side effects. Traditionally one teaspoon of triphala is taken with ghee directly in the mouth. The downfalls? It taste like dirt. Seriously…dirt. So the option is that 1 tsp of triphala, you’d have to take roughly 6-7 capsules of the stuff. My suggestion is to start slow (about 3 capsules) and take before bed. Then when you work up to the full dose by incorporating 3 more capsules in the morning.

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And lastly folks, don’t forget the water. I mean it’s so simple, it costs nothing and is one of the best things you can do for your health and your poop. Not to mention from a beauty perspective, what looks more attractive, a raisin or a grape? Yup, nuff said.

And if all these suggestions still aren’t working for you, then there might be something you’re eating that you’re intolerant too. In fact it's one of the areas that I'll be really focusing on with my upcoming digestive program, The Number 2 Plan. Mind you there will be recipes, a supplement protocol that works and so much more.

In the meantime if you’re going less than twice a day, strongly consider adding in the following foods into your world.

I mean, isn’t it about time that you got your shit together?

Oh and by the way, if you haven't done so already, make sure to grab your copy of my Number 2 Chart to help you understand what your poop says about you!


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