Fuck it.

In slow motion you see her coming. It’s 9am, the office starts to buzz and there she is, Ms. She Devil holding a plate of cinnamon rolls. The smell fills the office and for a split second, you think about your waistline…but then without even thinking reach out. You say, “Fuck it.”

It’s 6:30pm you’re meeting the in-laws for the first time. Surrounded by a mother-in-law who studies your every move, you reach for the stuffing to avoid any discussion and smile. You know that the sweet plate is likely a thousand calories, but you need some sort of reprieve. You say, “Fuck it.”

And it’s 8:30pm and Bob from accounting it trying to dance in what seems to be the ugly chicken on acid. You wonder why you’re still at this company when you haven’t gotten a raise but seem to be putting in an over 40-hour week. You wonder if you should have another glass of wine (you’ve had two so far). You say, “Fuck it.”

There are countless times I’ve said, “Fuck it” during this time of year just like maybe you have been too. This isn’t a time to be thinking about weight loss, this is a time to be thinking about indulging and maybe for some of you, coping. And while I’ve given you tips in my last post on how you can indulge the right way, I also won’t fault you on your decision to not bother.

However there’s something that happens with these magical two little words that contain more chutzpah than your Jewish aunt. First comes empowerment, it’s this freeing feeling that you can do whatever you want. For just a moment you either don’t care or you feel you deserve it. But then you indulge, things bulge and guilt sets in. You begin to consider detoxing, joining the gym by work with the hopes of getting up earlier than the birds to put in your blood, sweat and tears for the body you hope to have.

But for now, this isn’t top of mind. You’re in the, “Fuck it” sort of phase and truthfully, I don’t blame you, because in some ways, so am I. However, with that said, just check out The Enlighten Movement, my online program starting in January (the post-Fuck it phase). We’ll be transforming bodies AND helping to transform the world at the same time. But you know what, you don’t have to buy it right now because maybe you’re not ready. Instead, have that glass of wine and watch the full 4-minute little video because you’ll want to remember this come January. I promise you this will be your little gem and saviour this New Year.

In the meantime, have that glass of wine, dodge Bob’s elbows on the dance floor and damn it, have your cinnamon bun.  Go on and cheat this holiday season because your little do-good super power is on its way for the New Year which will change everything…

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