Natural alternatives for the birth control pill.

Having PCOS & why I got off the pill.

I for one, used to really hate my period. Getting through my day was hell that all I wanted was to get home sling my bra through my sleeve like a ninja, throw my feet up and have a glass of wine. But you see because I was diagnosed with PCOS, my doc put me on the pill.


Shocked, right? Yes, I will admit I was on the pill. I was desperate for a period that didn’t make me bleed like a dying animal, for the stabbing pains to stop and please dear mama mercy, take the zits with ya.

But after 6-months, I stopped.

Some people will think I’m crazy. I mean PCOS is only controlled via the pill right?

You see the pill made me crazy. My boobs emulated planets nine and ten and my moods were volatile enough to kill a small army of bunnies if you looked at me the wrong way. Not to mention my healthy little sex drive plummeted.

And many of my patients have considered going on the pill for their PCOS, are currently on it or are considering going off it.  I get it, when you’re struggling with something as frustrating as PCOS that makes fertility an obstacle, graces you with zits or challenges 50% of its sufferers with excess weight, you’ll do just about anything. Now I’m not telling you to go off of it, but what I will do is provide you with facts and options that are available to you:

Fact: The pill freezes the “lower jiao”

According to Chinese Medicine, the lower jiao (the reproductive area of the body) becomes "frozen" when using the pill since it prevents conception. Problem is, it’s a doozy on our digestive system creating an unhealthy terrain leading to yeast infections, acne and a weakened immune system. Not to mention, it makes shedding weight more difficult to take off.

Your option:

If you’re not on the pill, or are getting off of it, a probiotic is a great addition to fortify the digestive system where all health begins. In my program coming up, I’ll be discussing “damp-reducing” foods based on Chinese Medical theory that can  also help you shed the weight and kiss those cysts goodbye.

Fact: The pill as an anti-androgen

In other words, it helps to increase levels of the protein SHBG that will bind to hormones like testosterone that helps to control it from freely circulating in the blood. This is important for PCOS sufferers because testosterone is found in abnormally high levels which factors into excess hair growth, anovulation and acne.

Your Option:

Manage insulin levels effectively to stop this catalyst of hormonal reactions to begin in the first place and by consuming low glycemic index foods and adding bitters to counteract the sweet cravings.

Fact:  The pill depletes nutrients like zinc & copper.

Zinc is crucial for the normal functioning of your reproductive system and the balance of your hormones.

Your option:

If you decide that getting off the pill is right for you, then supplementing with a zinc-copper balance supplement is a great way to replenish. Please note: long-term use of zinc will deplete your copper balance, which is why I recommend a balance between the two.

So if you're currently taking the pill, but scared to get off of it, then know that you certainly can nourish your system to make the transition a little easier. And if you want to discuss your options on how to balance out your hormones after taking the pill, shoot me an email and I can help guide you through a private consultation.

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