Help for sugar addiction when you just can’t stop yourself.

Let's face it, sometimes you'll do just about anything to get your hands on that candy bar. I mean you'll run over squirrels as you charge down the street and maybe even sneak a Twix bar underneath your bag of kale at the grocery store.  And after a meal, you just have to end it off with something sweet, right?

Well if this sounds like you, then don't sweat it there help for sugar addiction, especially when you just can't stop yourself.

Its something that we need to get under control because it affects our liver, which has over 500 functions and plays a huge role in weight management, mood and energy. I mean it stimulates the same reward centres in our brain as cocaine and heroin, right? So of course it's addicting!

And believe it or not, according to the Canadian Liver Foundation and the American Centre for Disease Control, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common liver disease in Canada and the US and its growing rapidly. And one of the major leading causes of this is excess sugar from refined sugar and excess carbohydrates.  The people of our nation continue to get larger, emotional issues continue to ensue and hormonal issues like PCOS go out the roof.

So in this week's Quickie, I break down two key tips: 1) a delicious snack to reach for rather than going for sugar and 2) a supplement that has been shown to reduce blood sugar. Pretty cool, right?

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