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Before you go postal, try these herbs for stress.

Sometimes all you want to do, is pull your hair out and scream. It’s almost as if your coffee that spilled on your shirt set off a domino effect for how the rest of the day would play out. Then maybe a bird shat on your back and then you got stuck on a sardined-packed subway of people. A never-ending sea of sweaty arms touch yours, children scream and teenagers loudly attempt to rap.  You tug at your pants as lately it seems like your waistline is expanding, your poops have been pellety and its just downright hard to digest life. After all, you slept and woke up between 2-4am and your eye won’t stop twitching giving the wrong message to that fella across from you.

If you can relate to this in any way, please do me a favour and don’t reach for your coffee or granola bar for a way to feel better.

Instead, allow me to share these herbs for stress.

Now before we begin, let me clear something up. Stress is not just about the mental stress that you feel day in, day out. It’s the fact that you consistently go to bed at midnight or later, that you’ve been chugging down excessive amounts of coffee and jumping on the big ol’ carb and sugar train. Understand this:

You will not be able to lose weight (especially around the mid section), get rid of those cysts if you are under a state of chronic stress and it isn’t just mental stress.

So what herbs can do you a world of good?


This ancient Ayurvedic herb translates to smell of the horse…um…not exactly attractive and what I think they meant was, “strong like a horse.” Traditionally used in India powder form in hot milk and honey. However with my patients I suggest using the tincture form and taking one good dropper’s worth in the mouth away from food later in the day. This powerful herb is safe for those who are under acute or chronic stress and as a result, it can help with libido. I mean how many of you feel like jumping in the sack when you’d rather sleep? Not to mention, if you suffer from thyroid issues, the adrenals arein my opinion, always a part of the puzzle, so ashwagand-that-shiz up.

holy basil

Holy Basil

Also known as, “tulsi”, holy basil is another cherished Ayurvedic herb. Animal studies suggest that this herb is effective at lowering stress and blood sugar, and a small human study showed that holy basil eased anxiety and depression. Holy Basil tastes great and works really well as a tea that you can sip throughout the day or you can take two 250mg gel caps away from food.

Lemon Balm

Also known as Melissa Officinalis, lemon balm is a medicinal and culinary herb from the mint family. It’s been historically used to reduce anxiety and lower stress along with associated symptoms and makes a pleasant tea. It’s safe and non-toxic, but I have seen some references to suggest that it is slightly goitrogenic, which can potentially reduce thyroid function.

But remember, these herbs are not the silver bullet for stress. They must be paired with a clean diet and above all else water. Yes, it sounds basic, but 2L of room temperature water per day is mandatory since dehydration can increase your cortisol levels.

And I hate to sound dramatic, but stress kills. It is the over-arching theme with PCOS and ovarian cyst sufferers, those who suffer with under active thyroids and effects our digestion. And stress comes in many different forms from not getting enough sleep, having too much alcohol and of course poor food choices. So with that said, my FREE DeStress Kickstarter is coming up filled with four great videos helping you get a head start at detoxing your stress.

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So if you’re stressed, begin with these herbs and set a start date to wean yourself off of coffee and save it for the weekend instead. Turn off the tube and stop forcing yourself to stay up.

By tackling your stress levels you’ll look more youthful and feel sexy from the inside out. Oh and that twitching, magnesium deficient eye will cease and you can stop giving that fella in the subway cart the wrong idea.

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