Holy shit it’s happening…

I still remember the day as though it were yesterday: sitting in a brand new kitchen, new home (The Estrogen Den) and three new roommates. I had left my fiancé, house and financial security and opted to be broke overnight in the quest for real love.  I wanted to be in love with what I did, who I would end up with and ultimately who I was as a person. I never thought I’d find of this…until now.

So after years of years of writing about my roller coaster love life and how I emotionally ate the right way, I am finally settling down. No, I’m not getting married people, but The Bartender is moving in. I’ll admit, I’m excited, thrilled and okay, scared shitless and doing a pee pee dance. In fact, the other day, he gave me a giant beer mug to add to my kitchen glassware collection. Sweet baby Jeebus…

Which begs the question, how do you take the next step in life when commitment scares the shit out of you?

Holy shit it’s happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready for this, I love him to itty bitty bits but I’m allowed to be scared. In fact after shooting the video tutorial with Emotional Specialist, Stephan Gardner for The Enlighten Movement, I had to pick his brain.

Camera off, now “I” need your help Stephan…help me stop freaking out. The other day in fact, I secretly purchased a Twix bar AND a Turtles pack and hit it under my kale at the grocery store. And yes, I ate both of them before I even got home.

Providing me with a three-part question to ask myself my fear was literally dissolved in 10 minutes…and so was my ever-impending insatiable doom of dirty chocolate.  One of the biggest questions I had to answer…what would be the benefit if it didn’t work out? You see, when we’re scared, angry, sad or depressed we live in an illusion that it’s all bad never seeing the flip side. Because in reality, you can never have pleasure without pain or pain without pleasure. Life, is an absolute yin/yang theory.

Emotional freedom is one of the biggest things I’ve implemented into my practice and a strong focus in The Enlighten Movement, which is closing its doors for purchase on January 29.  Because you can’t separate the mind from the body. In order to lose weight, get rid of your acne, ovarian cysts, IBS, depression, fatigue, etc., you must clear the emotional weight that you’re holding onto.

And in no way, am I exempt from this process. Granted for the most part, I’ll emotionally eat the right way, but at times I slip up…just like you.

So here I am, clearing items to make way for a new phase with someone I love more than I can describe. And if it didn’t work out…what would be the benefits? I’d go on being the strong independent woman I am without a giant beer mug in her collection.

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