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holy shit

Holy shit.

I don't usually start off a blog post, let alone name one like this but...holy shit.

The response for the Hot Business Launchpad online program has been seriously overwhelming. In fact it's more than tripled last year's response for the program and the FREE webjam happening tonight is going to be off the hook! I'm breaking down the critical steps you need to know to build your freedom, start making an impact on the world and make money while doing it. There's some serious mojo happening tonight, so if you haven't reserved your spot, do so now.

And holy shit...

There's a little bonus offer I have planned to reveal on how you can save money on the full program, but it will only be available for this weekend only. So if you miss the webjam tonight, make sure you catch the recorded version of the webjam before Sunday.

And holy shit...

Did you know that when you sign up for the full program that you will be a lifetime Official Hottie? What that means is that you'll join the alumni group of Official Hotties from last year and you'll have a lifetime access supply to the program even for years to come when it gets revised. So that means every time something is added every year, you have instant access to it for no additional charge than what you paid when you first purchased it. Now that's value. I've done this because I want you to succeed. If you succeed, I succeed. Plus if you're putting your passions out there then the world gets access to it. And I truly believe if we were all doing something we loved, then we'd actually be making this planet a better place.

So once you've reserved your spot, here is where you can get access to tonight's webjam.

You seriously don't want to miss this.



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