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So what's included?

The Hot Business Launchpad online program has launched for the second year in a row and it's making waves generating three times the interest as last year. 

I've revised it to make it even more current and have added in some bonus features like more worksheets, a Self-Care Toolkit, guest hosted webinars and more. Plus here's the real kicker. As an Official Hottie, you will receive lifetime access to the Hot Business Launchpad for years to come. Here's what else you can expect:

Five kick-ass online tutorials that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

Branding, identifying your audience and how to eliminate competition entirely. You'll be given tools on how to develop a solid brand plus be able to identify your audience in a totally new way that will boost sales and get people talking.
Websites & Creating an Incredible Offer: We'll breakdown list building tactics that go outside the norm and will include special guest, Jill Stanton from ScrewTheNineToFive.com. I'll show you how to create a roadmap strategic formula that has literally DOUBLED my income from year ago. Plus I'll give you the tools so that you can create your own campaigns for your online/offline programs that will really knock it out of the ballpark
Creating Killer Content: Proper communication is key and even the most prettiest of websites need to generate content to effectively sell and continually build a following.
Social Media & How to Make it Work for You: We'll cover Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and I'll reveal the algorithms behind these social media platforms that will save you a TON of money. Here you'll also learn how to not only learn what to post and why, but why you need to do more than just engage. Taking it to the next level with my new strategic roadmap plan will not only build your social following but your list AT THE SAME TIME!
Stage Presence, Vlogging & iMovie: Even introverts will find this tutorial of use as stage presence will help you to more effectively communicate, de-stress and become more confident. If you're interested in building videos, you'll learn how to creatively conceptualize, produce and edit videos that will get you noticed.

Bonus worksheets, templates, programs, widgets & more

Roll up your sleeves with these must-have worksheets, plus templates for WordPress templates, must-have widgets and one program that literally has launched my business this past year to new heights.

Live Q&A Sessions

To help answer people's questions, I've set up four live sessions where you will have access to me and we can further roll up our sleeves and really get down to business.

Private Facebook Group Page 

Join the alumni Hotties from last year and receive support, motivation, tips and so much more. This feature in particular was a HUGE success and support system in year one.

Self-Care Toolkit

Feel successful from the inside out with my most popular recipes, supplement, lifestyle and dietary plan. 

PRICE: $199.99


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"If you're wondering whether or not to invest in the Hot Business Launchpad, I only have two words for you: DO IT.
Melissa will teach you exactly what you need to know to set your business apart from the rest, attract your ideal customers, and build a vibrant, engaging online presence. Her approach is very practical, straightforward, and understandable. You'll get cutting edge information about social media, strategies you can implement right away, and you'll have Melissa's encouragement and support every step of the way. My business has benefited tremendously from the Hot Business Launchpad - I've seen huge engagement on my website and Facebook page, and I'm drawing in the right clients for me. I have Melissa to thank for my success online!” 

"Working with Melissa through her brilliant online course 'Hot Business Launchpad' has quite literally changed my life. It has given me the confidence to begin the process of launching my blog and therefore my new business venture. Creating an online business is something I have wanted to do for the past two years but felt like I had no idea how to do it. Melissa is knowledgeable, inspiring, fun and makes business sexy and interesting! I feel empowered and informed. I learnt so much from the course and I continue to use all the valuable information Melissa most generously gave - there is so much. I am so grateful to Melissa and to my fellow 'Hotties' for inspiring me to start my new journey. If you are thinking about doing this amazing course - stop thinking and start doing! You won't regret a moment." 

"Frequently Asked Questions"

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What if I've been out there for a while and just need a boost? Is this really for me?
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