How I made friends with my wine during the holidays & how you can too.

I realize that by writing this post many of my colleagues will be aghast. I understand there are practitioners out there who will tell you to give it up and provide alternatives in doing so. And don’t believe the media hype either: low carb beers for example make as much sense as non-addictive painkillers.

So is drinking really that bad?

As a sometimes-introvert (believe it or not), I will be the first to admit that a glass of wine (or two) can become a social lubricant when I’m in a room full of strangers. And as an occasional wine drinker myself, I have never found kombucha or anything to really substitute a glass of pinot. And what I found was that I developed a love/hate relationship with it when I abstained from it because I was cleansing, or trying to gain moderation (especially during the holidays). But I love a good glass of wine, but I hated it because of the stress it put on my body the day after. In fact my butt cleavage would ripple out a wild applause as I walked signaling people in a five-mile radius. The more I hated it, the more I wanted a glass as though I were a teen rebelling.

Which begged the question, how can you make friends with your glass of wine during the holidays?

Now I realize you may be thinking, “Melissa, I’m BEST FRIENDS with my wine” but if you were then you wouldn’t overindulge and smack your head in fear of what you may have said the night before. Too much of one thing: a friend, family member, the love of your life and heck even chocolate isn’t good for you. So here’s some info and what you can do to have a healthy relationship with your wine (or insert drink of choice) – because it is possible.

Wine, Stress, Fat & Hormones: What happens when you drink

This is such a double-edged sword: The more stress you have, the more many of us look forward to our glass of vino. The more vino we have the more our cortisol (our stress hormones) elevate. The higher our cortisol levels the more we break down muscle and retain fat.  And men, listen up, the more you drink, the less testosterone you’ll produce, a hormone that breaks down fat and produces sperm. So more beer, wine or vodka means the fewer soldiers you’ll have and oh…the less ability you’ll have to **ahem** get it up.

Alcohol & the alkaline balance tip #1: ACV & Lemon

I believe if I’m going to a party where I know I will drink, I need to balance things out. Please let me preface this by telling you that this will not completely counteract the detrimental effects of alcohol, but it’ll certainly help to add a dose of alkalinity. You see, alcohol is very acidic, so we need to add in something alkaline. This doesn’t mean just having a wedge of lemon with your vodka, because it isn’t enough. What I’d suggest is to balance things out with an 8oz glass of water + 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar (ACV). Now if you don’t want to whip out a small bottle of ACV from your clutch, then water with lots of lemon (not just a wedge) will make it less conspicuous. Not to mention, both will turn on your fat metabolizing engine.

apple cider vinegar for a hangover

Alcohol & the alkaline balance tip #2: Chlorella tabs

One of my favourite tips to gaining balance with my wine is to add in chlorella tablets.  Chlorella is packed-full of nutrients and alkaline goodness. My favourite brand is Sun-A Chlorella that has a cracked cell wall making it easier to digest and assimilate. Plus the little foil pack can be easily stored in my clutch without adding to the bulk of my Smart Phone, makeup, wallet, etc. – ladies, you get my drift. One of the main reasons why we wake up hating our wine and ourselves is because we wake up depleted. Minerals like magnesium and iron plummet and vitamins like B12 and vitamin C take a beating. So drink some water in between those glasses of vino (that would otherwise dehydrated you) and pop some chlorella tabs and you’ll wake up feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed. In fact, as for it as your stocking stuffer, damn it.

chlorella for hangovers

The only reason why we ever hate alcohol is because we’ve had too much of it and all the effects we’ve been warned about take place. But you can enjoy a drink (or three) during the holidays without feeling tired, heavy or stressed!

Want to feel lighter and brighter? Remember my pay-what-you-can Stress Detox closes its doors on December 1. So far we have over 100 people and it’s seriously changing lives. 

In the meantime, stop punishing yourself for having a well-deserved good time and simply achieve some balance with my crucial holiday tips. You’ll leave this holiday season with so much pride for your balancing techniques that you’ll give yourself a round of applause.

Butt cheeks excluded.

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