How to be pain free naturally

Hey there sexy mamas and papas!

While I'd love to tell you that I'm a young spring chicken, I'll admit, I'm not. In fact, I have some aches and pains and sometimes I just need immediate relief...pronto.

I also have patience the size of a fetus.

So what's a gal to do?

Here's how to be pain free naturally.

Seriously people, listen up, because I have great stuff to share.

You see, medications like Advil, Asprin and Tylenol can rip holes in your intestines that can make your digestion a nightmare even if you don't realize it. And why would you? Turning to these types of pain relief is so damn common!

But there are options.

Believe me, I get it, sometimes you just want some pain relief, right? In fact when a drunk driver hit me almost ten years ago, I didn't realize how bad my shoulder would be following that accident. So moving forward, my downward dogs, handstands, etc are actually quite painful, and given how damn stubborn I am, I needed some answers. In fact, I won't settle for less.

So in this week's Quickie video of the week, I've put together what helps me and what might help you too. Little do you know, nutrition plays a major role with pain. I'm always surprised that most people think that they can eat just about anything and wonder why they're still in pain. It's because your body only responds with what you give it. Crap in, crap out, it's that simple...seriously. Hello people!!

Time to take notice!

So I'm curious, what have you tried to overcome your pain? Have you tried anything naturally? Are you frustrated with the system and need some advice? Please let me know! I'm here to help!

The best way to get help is if you're a part of my tribe. So if you're not a part of it already, get on it now. I look forward to hearing from you...

From my sexy heart to yours,



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