how to lose water retention

Swollen hands & feet? Here’s how to lose water retention naturally

As I’m excited about days at the beach and sun kissed-skin, I can’t help but to confess a little something: the summer has always made me feel fat and swollen. I’ll peer down at my hands and notice my rings leave tiny indents and I feel a little uncomfortable in my jeans. And the hotter the days get, the worse it gets.

So if you suffer the same summer fate then you’ll love today’s blog post on how to lose water retention naturally.

But first, let me break down why this actually happens.

Water retention, humidity & digestion

Here in Toronto, it tends to get quite humid during the summer months and if you’re anything like me, it’s not exactly a comfortable time of year. Those of us who are predisposed to having a weak digestive system will find this season challenging. According to Chinese Medicine, our digestive engine (a.k.a., our “Spleen Yang”) needs to be able to burn up our food, but add wine and swelling can result. Why: because humidity lends itself to dampness in our system that adds “gunk” to our digestive engine slowing it down. This can makes us bloat or retain water.

Instead, during the summer months we need to have lighter foods and lots of water. But before you go jumping on the raw food bandwagon, be careful, because if you have a tendency to bloat after eating, then your digestive fire is likely weak. Once you consume raw foods (which has a cold thermal property) it can extinguish your digestive fire making you bloat instantly. So cook your food even lightly to avoid this from happening.

how to lose water retention.

So what can we do? Try my Water Retention Busting Tonic.

1/2 cup dandelion leaves
Water to fill large French press or large Mason jar
1 tsp unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

Add dandelion leaves into mason jar/French press, pour in hot water and add unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Let steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink.

Please understand, this will be bitter but it’s the point. It helps to drain out water while replenishing the body with potassium (which a lot of diuretics don’t do). In addition the dandelion is detoxifying for your liver, nourishes the heart and will help to clear excess heat from the body while nourishing it.

And as you may know, I’m all about loving your liver, especially for hormone-related issues. I’m a huge fan of helping women overcome issues like PCOS and ovarian cysts which according to Chinese Medicine are all damp-type conditions. So if your lady balls need a little love, then this tonic is perfect for you.

Want more? Well sign up to simply stay tuned because my ovarian cyst and PCOS program is launching this summer coming up and you won’t want to miss what I have in store.



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