How to meditate deeply – (Kickstart Video 5)

Let me be honest with you, when I was first told to meditate, I swear I rolled my eyes so far back, I nearly fractured my skull. Seriously, I thought is was just plain silly. I mean I figured, "I can't clear my head", "I won't be able to sit still" and flat out, I just didn't think it was for me. 

I never thought it would be possible for me and like many I wondered how to meditate deeply.

But then I tried it and started at five minutes a day and did it actively every morning. In just two weeks I noticed a MAJOR change with only 5 minutes, so I started building up to 10 minutes. I became less reactive, my depression and anxiety began to dissolve and my concentration improved. I was SOLD. From there, I worked up to 20 minutes per day and I attribute it to my an integral part of my own healing from ovarian cysts.

You see a major part of health imbalances is stress and you can stuff your pie hole with as much kale and supplements, but if your mind hasn't had time to rest and really filter all your daily shit out, then forget it. You will be functioning like the rest of North America - in a sympathetic, "fight or flight mode."

The thing is every time I suggest meditation to my patients they look at me with the same eyes I once had - total disbelief. But once I lovingly stay on them, they end up giving it a shot and are always pleasantly surprised.

Yes meditation can be frustrating, you can leave feeling irritable, happy, sexual or sad. Stuff can come up that may be unpleasant, you may feel blissful or you might be restless the whole time. Whatever the case - it's perfect every time the way it is - so remember that.

So in today's video find out about the four types of meditation, two different acupressure points and join me in a 5 minute meditation. This video is a bit of a longer one, but well worth it.

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