Is it just all the same?

I've been deeply humbled by the response so far. So overwhelming that even the server crashed! Luckily with things back up, The Enlighten Movement is back. But here's the question I've received from some of you who've signed up for past programs:

Is it just all the same?

I get it, why put money into something that could very well be the same thing? Here's where it differs:


While there are some recipes that cross over from previous ebooks, there are a whole line of completely new recipes that follow the four phases of this program. Just like my Sexy Liver Detox, you will receive a meal plan, but the plan itself is completely different. Why? It's a different time of year and this plan has a different goal entirely that requires a totally different strategy.

Hormonal Checklist & Skype consult

While much of my consultations and my previous programs have focused on hormones, never before has there been such an in depth analysis until now. I've compiled a detailed form to be filled out for not just a 30-minute consult but a whole hour this time. I want to give you more time and also tailor the recipes and needs specifically to you.

Value Assessment by Stephan Gardner

Never before have I ever given you the tools you've needed to let go of your emotional weight, until now. The value assessment will provide you with a way to uncover your values, so that it's easier to find out why you make the decisions and have the thoughts you do. You see all live in a set of values that dictate how we live, eat, the partners we chose, the negative smack talk we tell ourselves, etc. And all of those thoughts, lead into various emotions (anger, sadness, etc.) that lead into actions (emotional eating) and end with a result (weight gain). By doing this assessment you'll be better apt to understand my Skype interview with him and formulate your questions for the 1 hour teleseminar.

Workout component

Sammie Kennedy from Booty Camp Fitness is by far one of my favourite fitness gurus and you will receive a workout in under 30 minutes that will work out your ENTIRE body. Whip that off before going to work and get fit fast. And just like Stephan, if you have questions, modifications you want to make, you'll be able to ask Sammie on the teleseminar I have planned with her.

Motivation, Support & Feel-Good Warm & Fuzzies!

Since I know we generally will go full force on something for the New Year and fall off the map by February or March, I've created the Body Transformation Meter which will clock in a point for every transformation you go through. You'll get the motivation to continue knowing that others are achieving their goals too. Not to mention, every point gets matched with ONE random act of kindness, so that way, you're helping to transform the world at the same time. How sweet is that?

Plus in addition to all this, I'm giving away a 30-minute consult that you can use either for yourself or give to someone else for the holidays.

This is a jam-packed program that I'm sure you'll love and when it comes to the offerings it is most certainly different than any other programs I've created.

I'm over the moon about The Enlighten Movement, so if you're still sitting on the fence, join the rest of us who have. You'll receive everything you need to prep before we press go together on January 7, 2013.

Sign up now before doors close on January 5, 2013. See you soon...

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