It’s time to take Vday back.

I woke up this morning and I knew I heard him: little feet running across my floor.

Cupid was back.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – he comes back on this day every year. But as I look at a city filled with gorgeous women walking like a tribe through the busy streets, I wonder how can properly conquer Vday? That’s right no more sorrow over why you’re single and didn’t receive a box of shitty chocolate or why you ate a whole box to yourself. Once and for all, as a clan of women marching down the street, we can say goodbye to butt frowns, waving triceps, shitty men and cheesy mints on pillows.

Ladies, it’s time to take V Day back.

I might be alone here, but I’ve always found this day to be incredibly stressful and from listening to many of my patients, so do they. So much pressure with so little return, but there is hope. Here’s my plan:

Give love to someone who needs it.

I can’t express how important this is. Instead of feeling sorry why you weren’t handed a rose at another over-priced, packed dinner, give to someone who needs it. This year, I plan to donate to New Light that provides shelter to children from the sexy slave industry and provides them with recreation and education.

Benefits & Drawbacks

We’ve all idolized various ideals at certain points, especially when it comes to love. When we get that partner, we clasp our hearts lift up our heads and suddenly, without realizing it, the hierarchy has shifted. By that simple act alone, we’ve put ourselves beneath them and begin to be riddled with insecurity: will he cheat, will he love me, etc. So instead, take back this day and ask yourself: If I got the partner I wanted, then what would be 10 drawbacks to getting him? And then ask yourself the reverse: what are 10 benefits to my current state?

Chocolate empowerment

I won’t lie to you and tell you I’ve never hid a Twix candy bar underneath my kale at the grocery store in a moment of weakness – because I have. However I will tell you, more often than not, I make my own amazing treats and I thought I’d give you a listing of my top favourite ones that you can treat yourself with. Real cacao is actually bitter which stimulates the heart meridian according to Chinese Medicine and taps into our natural endorphins. And here’s how to get some:



Cacao Almond Butter Fudge Cups


Almond Coco-Cacao Chip Cookies

Bodhi Black Bean Brownies

Sexy Chocolate Avocado Pudding


So this Vday, let’s turn our butt frowns upside down and get our power back. And while I can pull out the visual of a she-army against Cupid, I’d rather not. Instead, I challenge you to see just how magically powerful this day really is. We can give love to ourselves (**wink wink**) and I challenge you to see the opportunity to give it to others.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone <3

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