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Liver Detox recipes for disaster: Popular detoxes debunked!

I will admit, I’ve been around the detox block trying many of the popular fad detoxes. I’ve starved myself with lemon, maple syrup and cayenne water that unleashed a hypoglycemic monster. I’ve drunk copious amounts of apple juice and olive oil eager to see the goblin stones come out of me. And I’ve down litres of salt water that caused me to run for my life just to cope with the volatile fury that awaited in me in the washroom. After all, I thought we were supposed to suffer through a detox, right? Wrong. In fact, there are a lot of detoxes out there and it can be downright confusing! So in today, I thought I’d share with you my:

Liver Detox recipes for disaster: Popular detoxes debunked!

I’ll be concentrating on two popular detoxes, the good, bad and ugly. Because heck, this is shit you need to know before you embark on any detox journey.

lemon juice liver cleanse

The Master Cleanse Diet (a.k.a., “The Lemonade Diet”)

Following nothing but lemon, maple syrup and cayenne water, a laxative herbal tea and four cups of salt water, the Master Cleanse diet developed by Stanley Burroughs is essentially a starvation diet. You may have heard people rave about this diet (in fact you may be one of them) but here is the good and bad breakdown:
The good: If you’re someone who doesn’t generally drink water, this certainly will replenish your fluid intake. It will also help you to lose weight – in the short-term that is.
The bad: This is a dangerous low-calorie starvation diet sending your body into adrenal strain and major hypoglycemia. There are no nutrients, protein or fats to allow your body and brain to cope. This is when people most often feel that feeling dizzy, irritability and fatigued are side effects from releasing toxins, when in fact it’s due to low blood sugar. In addition, this diet also lacks exercise, spiritual connection and asks that people take on the Master Cleanse diet for a period of 10-40 days. And while yes, you will likely lose weight it doesn’t educate healthy habits to promote sustained weight loss. In addition, most people will wind up gaining it all back and then some because it can slow down your metabolism. Not exactly worth starving yourself, is it?

liver gallbladder flush

The GallBladder Flush

Developed by Dr. Andreas Mortiz, the Gallbladder Flush promises to help rid people from anything from digestive issues to allergies. In fact, if you follow the entire regime of copious amounts of apple juice, olive oil and sea salt water recommend, then you’ll eliminate yellow, green, brown or black stones that are said to be stones in the gallbladder. But is this really true? Here’s a breakdown:
The good: If you’re someone who suffers from gallbladder issues, then the recommended food diet can be useful. It recommends a diet low in protein, sugars and fats. In fact, it can very well give your gallbladder and system the break it needs and help you to become more mindful with your food during this period of time.
The bad: While the malic acid content in the apple juice is designed to help soften and breakdown the stones, there is a possibility that these stones might not pass through. If there’s a block, the last thing you want is for a stone to lodge and backfire. And while there is many people out there who have touted feeling better off this cleanse, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it’s beneficial for the gallbladder. In addition, many speculate that the stones are not toxic little stones but merely bile-stained "soaps" produced by partial saponification (soap formation) of the oil. So what’s the alternative if you’re feeling that you want to give your liver and gallbladder some love this spring (the perfect time to do so according to Chinese Medicine)?

Nourish it with food – don’t starve yourself!

  • Types: greens, beets, lemon and garlic especially
  • Cooking method: Lighter cooking methods and with the addition of some raw

Supplement with supportive & detoxifying vitamins and herbs

  • Types: Milk thistle, turmeric and dandelion
  • Forms: Tea, in food form and tincture

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