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Liver Detox Symptoms: This may surprise you.

As the weather is starting to get a little warmer, I can’t help but want to celebrate, strip off my clothes and go running naked in the street. Well alright maybe not streaking, but damn it I’m excited. I look at the spring as a time for renewal, a fresh start and the opportunity to get ready to do my annual liver detox in the spring. But here’s the thing liver detox symptoms might surprise you especially if you’re new to the detox game.

Let me start off by saying that if any practitioner ever suggests that you jump right into a liver detox in the winter months, run like hell. The reason being is because your liver is most receptive during the spring. Plus when you detox, you’re pushing toxins out and in the cold it’s our natural instinct to want to keep all our energy in. So why fight against yourself? You’ll honestly only be making your liver detox symptoms worse. So in the meantime, what can you expect when you take on a liver detox challenge?

Funky Poops & Toots

If you’re worried about running like your pants are on fire don’t worry. Unless you’re taking doses of senna (a laxative), I wouldn’t worry so much about urgency, but get prepared for funky poops. For a short period of time, you may experience loose stool or notice mucous in your stools. This is just an indication that old internal debris is clearing out. The other possibility is that you might be surprised to notice some monster shits. It’s times like these that you will celebrate because elimination will not only make you feel great but look great too. And lastly we can’t forget about the toots. Now I’m not suggesting that you will be perpetually playing the trumpet, but you certainly may experience bloating and gas. The reason why is because when you detox, there will inherently be some die-off reactions. Confused? Think of bad guys in your digestive system, being bombed by your detox arsenal. Metaphorically speaking, a micro explosion happens that can create some temporary bloating that trust me, will go away.


I know most people detox to get over fatigue, but in the first three days especially, you may feel more tired that normal. This is common as your body tries to expel the bad guys making room for how incredibly awesome you will feel shortly after the two weeks are done.


I ask that all my participants of my annual Sexy Liver Detox get off of coffee during the duration of the program. Please don’t panic because I’m not suggesting that you never have coffee again, but just allow your body the break. Problem is, the headaches can be pretty tough, which is why I suggest lots of water and magnesium, a muscle relaxant to help get you through. And trust me, it works wonders.


I realize that many people might embark on a detox because they want to get rid of their acne, but sometimes things can get a little worse before they get better. I mean think about it, you’re detoxing for a reason, so when toxins are pushed out, in many people it can result in some more breakouts. But fear not, this is only temporary and if you stay on course, your skin will improve along with your hair.

Emotional upheaval

Every time I detox I’m always surprised to see what emotions come up. I’ve felt angry, frustrated and even depressed. And while this too shall pass like the other liver detox symptoms, it’s also interesting to be the observer. Detoxing is a time to really learn from the emotions that have been dormant and buried for some time. In fact, if you allow them to pass through rather than suppress them, you’ll even begin to notice various physical symptoms improve.

So in the meantime, I’m excited because very soon I’ll be launching how my free Kick-Start Your Liver Detox in 5 Key Steps. This is completely new and I wanted to offer you more value with DIY ideas, recipes and so much more.

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