My holiday menu & indulging guilt-free.

A while back, Forbes released a pretty scary statistic that stated that the average person gains 7-10lbs during the holiday season. Now before that almost knocks you over like it almost did for me, understand this: they were wrong. In fact, the average person actually gains anywhere between 3-5lbs during the holiday season according to the Calorie Control Council. Now before you go celebrating understand this, this is over a 4-week period and the biggest issue is that most people fail to lose it after the season is over. So this time, during the holidays I wanted to enjoy the good with the bad, the yin and the yang and heck without the guilt.

Is that really possible?

Yes and today I’m going to take you through my proposed menu.

Before I do, I wanted to go through why this weight gain generally happens, because there are several factors behind it. First would certainly be stress. I mean from family obligations, financial stress of having to buy gifts and pushing through crowds with Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, it’s enough to drive anyone insane. And let’s not forget that December is almost like a half month with everyone taking time off, offices closed, so everything needs to be done on high speed

And the last factor would be that many of us look at it like it’s our opportunity to cheat. We binge, drink too much wine at the holiday office party, gorge on cookies at the sweet table and have about two big platefuls at our mother-in-law’s to avoid having to speak. Thing is, if we allow ourselves to periodically eat the “bad stuff”, then we wouldn’t feel the need to fall into gluttony later. Yep, that’s right, I’m telling you to eat crap every so often so your pendulum won’t swing dramatically during the holidays.

So this season, I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you what I have planned and how it won’t zap your adrenals and how you won’t believe it’s actually good for you. Here it is:

Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken

lemon herb roasted chicken recipe

In my family, we actually don’t do turkey because frankly none of us really like it. Rather we make several juicy birds and they’re delicious. Click here to download the recipe.

Grain-Free Stuffing

I will admit, this is not my recipe but rather I sourced it from PaleoOMG.com. While I’ll likely add in a medley of nuts and revise it a little, I love the recipe because it’s grain-free. And while I wouldn’t consider myself a paleo junkie, I do eat gluten-free grains sparingly. You see for the longest time, I was responsible in my household for the stuffing and I’d make it with Ezekiel bread, but this year, I wanted to try something different. For those of you who do use wheat in your stuffing understand this: wheat actually destroys the cerebellum (which controls motor control, coordination, balance, equilibrium and muscle tone) of your brain!

Cherry “Cheesecake”

vegan cheesecake squares

I am obsessed with desserts, but most of them contain refined sugar, dairy and wheat – all of which make me feel like poop. It’s not to say you might never find me reaching for a treat, because I will and won’t feel guilty for it. Remember to allow yourself a little treat every so often to avoid bingeing later. But this holiday season I’m going to make my Cherry Cheesecake that’s an adaptation of my Chocolate Cheesecake by simply switching chocolate for cherries. Want the recipe?

Click here to access my new Stress Free Desserts book that's now available for purchase!

So what about the greens?

Well my mother is making a large salad and a side of broccolini that’s simply sautéed in garlic, lemon, olive oil and salt & pepper. So keep it simple!

And what happens if you have too much wine?

Make sure to keep a little baggie of Chlorella with you. Believe it or not taking 4g (or 20 teeny tablets from Sun-A Chlorella) before and throughout the evening reduces your hangover by 96%!

In the meantime, allow yourself to indulge in the “bad stuff” a little this holiday season and tell the negative committee in your head to shut up. Balance things out with any one of the recipes I’ve listed above and turn that butt frown upside down.

Happy holidays from my family and my little reindeer too!

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