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Naked Truth: Do you say fukét during the holidays?

Listen, I know that you're likely bogged down with the holiday season, because let's face it, for many of us, it's stressful! We try to be good and we might read ways to indulge the right way, but most of us say, "fukét". You might not think you're familiar with this word, but all of us have used it at some point, especially during the holidays. So this Naked Truth, I'll be talking about the fukét stage and how you should enjoy the holidays and not beat yourself up.

After the holidays, you'll have the opportunity to learn how to properly get back into shape and eat well. This will be your opportunity to join The Enlighten Movement where you'll be able to transform your body AND help to transform the world at the same time. You see, for every pound or inch you lose, achieve clear skin or a great working set of digestive pipes, me and my team will help to match it with one random act of kindness. How's THAT for motivation?

So for now, watch this holiday special edition of the Naked Truth. If you can relate, then SHARE IT! And don't forget to tell me how you say, "fukét" this holiday season.

From my sexy heart to yours,

Happy holidays...




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