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Natural Remedies for BV: There is hope.

There is nothing more embarrassing then being diagnosed with BV and not knowing what is, what to do, who to tell and more importantly, how get rid of it. Now if you have no idea what BV is, it's bacterial vaginosis and you are going to be shocked when you find out how common it actually is.Problem is the stigma behind BV is so great that women are left feeling dirty, shamed and struggle at telling their partners without a fear of being thought differently.

So this week I wanted to break down the stigma, get you to laugh a little bit and learn all at the same time - I mean, that's just how I roll.

But, a warning folks, if you have little munchkins or your volume is way up, there is some coarse language in this week's video, so just a head's up and put in those ear buds!

But in the meantime, as you know, I'm always very up front and honest and I thought I'd share my own experience with BV. Because in my case, the bugger came back and the struggle of trying to get rid of it was incredibly frustrating - until I figured it out. So I'm going to share the natural remedies for BV that I've learned and the incredible remedy that you can easily do yourself. Oh and we can't forget nutrition right? Because what you eat my friend, most certainly effects your hoo ha.

So sit back and enjoy this week's video.

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In the meantime, happy humpy day everyone...

From my sexy heart to yours,



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