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Natural weight loss remedies: What to watch out for.

There they are, the one pair of jeans that you use to measure yourself by.  As you stare at them you hope that once you slip them on they won’t fight back. That you’ll be able to comfortably button them up without a lover’s quarrel that starts at your waistline. You start to prep yourself just in case: it just got washed, so it might be a bit tighter, so don’t get discouraged at first, right?  You may have to do a couple of squats but eventually they’ll fit. So to avoid holding giving your power and self-worth to a pair of jeans, I thought I’d write a post on:

Natural weight loss remedies and tactics: what you seriously need to watch out for.

Let’s face it there are gimmicks out there from fat burners to screaming trainers on infomercials and they confuse the heck out of people. So here is my breakdown:

Raspberry Ketones, Açai Berry Pills & More

People seem so discouraged when I say this, but there is no magic pill or silver bullet despite TV doctors screaming their praises. Take raspberry ketones for example, which are the natural phenolic compound found in red raspberries (Rubus idaeus). In other words, this chemical compound gives berries their signature scent and has been used for its sent in the food industry and is now sold in supplement form. But despite the claims of it being the new fat slicer, it has never been tested on human subjects – ever. I mean this isn’t to say its never been tested at all, because it has – on rats. And yes, the research is quite interesting but its still preliminary. And for a steep price tag of $60 buckaroos, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it because each person is different and needs to be evaluated as such. Why one person is overweight is completely different than the next.

natural weight loss remedies Starving Yourself

It never fails, I’ll always have someone look at me with complete confusion when they tell me, “But I hardly eat, why would I be packing on the pounds?” The reason boils down to your adrenals and stress. The second you starve yourself, your blood sugar goes all array and it puts major stress on the body as cortisol begins to rise which can lead to belly fat. When it does we run the risk of turning to crutches like coffee or refined sugar to get over the hump. It’s where people get caught up in a vicious cycle and self-punishment. Sure you can lose some weight initially, but does the potential to welcome back even more sound like an attractive solution? You need food. So balance your blood sugar with fat, protein and fibre. Eat small meals throughout the day and add in spices like cinnamon that will keep your blood sugar balanced and your emotions in check. (You can tell your co-workers I said, you’re welcome).

Natural Weight Loss Experts

Now before I get a flood of angry emails, please let me preface this by saying many of these experts truly have their shit together. However, here’s the reason why I don’t tag myself as a weight loss expert: weight loss is a symptom damn it, not the cause. I’ve been in practice for almost 10 years now and anyone who doesn’t address the digestive or hormonal aspect of your weight should get a raised eyebrow. I work closely with medical doctors to get blood work back to evaluate, is estrogen out the roof? Are insulin levels (a fat storage hormone) out of whack making the individual insulin resistant and decreasing the ability to move out male hormones out of the body? There are so many factors involved. So as much as I’d like to say that it’s just about eating right and exercising, its not. If it were, hot damn, my job would be much easier! Plus when it comes to weight, I evaluate everyone thoroughly to see if liver work is needed because it plays a HUGE role in weight loss. If you’re not metabolizing your fats properly and your liver is congested, then it needs to be worked on.

And here’s the thing, I’m holding a FREE Kickstart Your Liver Detox with my 5-Steps Series on May 12. Have you signed up?

In the meantime, stop giving that pair of denim so much power. It is not a measurement of your self-worth but rather an awesome opportunity for a little love and self-care.

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