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natural remedies for weight loss

Jessica Ardito Melz: Natural Weight Loss Remedies DO work.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing other people happy. In practice, I will give my all, be someone's personal cheerleader but also a major ass-kicker.  Because if I do the work on my end, then I expect my patients to do the work as well. No excuses. And the interesting thing is, that no where on my site does it say that I specialize in weight loss. The reason why is because weight gain is a symptom not the root. So when working with people, I uncover the hormonal, digestive, emotional and spiritual component behind the weight. And you know what? People get results. Because guess what?

Natural weight loss remedies do work.

So in this Sexy Patient Spotlight, I wanted to feature Jessica Ardito Melz who really did the work. She came to me overweight, exhausted and suffering with so much pain she could barely walk for too long. So we set up a Skype consult (since she lives in New York and I'm in Toronto) and that's when the magic began.

Here is a breakdown of her results:

  • Lost 20lbs
  • Felt a major increase in energy
  • Better moods
  • Pain-free from her fibromyalgia
  • Able to ditch the fake wedding ring she had to wear for YEARS because her original wedding ring no longer fit!

And it all really started to become worse after giving birth. So take a look at the video and check out her success story for yourself and become inspired to possibly take greater control of your own health.

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