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4 thoughts on “Newsletter

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  2. Daniel Cosgriffe

    Been having issues on and off for about 10-12 years now with my bowel movements, or rather lack there off. Tried everything, eating tons of fiber, eating just vegetables, and hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy did help but only temporary. Moving small stones is difficult for the human body and the plumbing too. Castor oil has come to my rescue so many times, my Naturopathic Doctor told me some time ago how to use a castor oil pack. A few years ago I was given a MRI and found out the reason for my issues, I have RRMS. Not the best news one can be given, but it did enable me to overcome some issues and also allow me to understand why I have the issues I have. I have even drank up to a ¼ cup of organic castor oil, after using the castor oil pack two days in a row. Just a warning, if you do drink some castor oil and you can, keep the bathroom door open, the seat up, light on and undergarments that can be removed quickly. Once you have soften stuff up, the castor oil you drink will evacuate everything, and I mean everything! For someone like me this is a very good thing to happen, though it can be messy. Also, always drink lots of water before and after, one should always drink lots of water.
    But it would appear that I should be using castor oil not just for movement, it would appear there are many beneficial reasons why I should even just rub castor oil on whole of my body. My Naturopathic Doctor has mention this to me before, and I suppose I require a little nudge now and then to do stuff that is good for me. So thank you for reminding me and also furthering my understanding of the wonders of organic castor oil.

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