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Ovarian cyst home treatment…with apple pie?

I know, you might think I'm crazy, right? But I'm all for loving food and using it like food should medicine and in todays, Quickie of the week video, I provide a delicious therapeutic dessert (it'll have you on your knees in glee my friend) and reveal my favourite supplement for anyone suffering from inflammation...especially ovarian cysts.

Yes, I'm talking about an ovarian cyst home treatment...with my dessert that tastes like apple pie. C'est what?

Yup, this dessert packs some serious therapeutic punch!

So why am I so lady ball crazy? Well because I too have suffered from them  and so have many women desperately trying to get answers outside of the pill and maybe even Metformin.

In the meantime, I'll be doing a kick-ass FREE webinar on how to get rid of cysts, improve your fertility, lose weight and get your hormones under control and keep your lady balls feeling sexy. It's coming at you this summer when I'm back from the sunny island in São Miguel, Portugal.

Sign up to the FREE webinar here!

In the meantime, much love to you from my sexy heart to yours...



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