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Ovarian cysts and emotions: The missing link

What are you so scared of?

Your fear & stress believe it or not may be contributing to your ovarian cysts.

Now before you think I'm crazy, give me a second to explain. Never in my years in practice have I ever seen a case where the mind wasn't just as connected to an imbalance as the body was. Simply put, they go hand-in-hand. Mental stress plays just as an important role hormonally on our gynaecological health then what eat.

So what about fear? Well research has shown that ladies, we are masters at suppressing our emotions and I can tell you right now that based on all the women I have seen in practice, that fear is a part of their profile even if they didn't see it at first. Whether it be about financial stability, about your children, your marriage or wondering if you'll ever find love again, fear leads to stress.

This fear greatly effects our "kidney's Qi" according to Chinese Medicine which always plays a role in ovarian cysts and PCOS - HANDS DOWN.

So I thought I'd share two remedies that I love with patients and show you how you can start incorporating them into your world right away.

For more info about overcoming ovarian cysts & PCOS, my FREE webinar on ovarian cyst & PCOS is coming up and I'm giving you the chance right now to reserve your spot. Stay tuned, because A TON of great info is on its way.

In the meantime, sit back and watch this week's video and enjoy :)

P.S. Don't mind the mop hair, this video was filmed while I was vacationing in Furnas, São Miguel. Yep, we're talking about no filter, flat iron or polished makeup. I'm human!

P.P.S. If you ever decide to visit the island of São Miguel (and flights through SATA are cheap!) Check out Azores Adventure Islands who were with me while I jumped off that 50ft cliff! They're good people.



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