Got PMS Food Cravings? Try this.

Hey mama,

I don't know about you, but around my period, I'm a little monster. I crave just about everything under the sun and I will hurdle over small children in my race just to get it. And at one point, I will admit, I would even sneak a Twix bar (or two) under my bag of kale. Oh the shame...right?

Yup, I too struggled with PMS food cravings.

Well if you're anything like that, then you'll definitely want to check out this week's video where I'll be breaking down how to overcome PMS-C (which surprise, stands for cravings!). Because truthfully if you find yourself falling off the bandwagon during that time of the month, you may be landing yourself into more of a hormonal tailspin. So today I'm giving you the goods on how to overcome it like a champ with another great little recipe that I think you'll just go ga ga over.

I mean, have I ever let you down? Hm?

Oh and in the meantime, just a friendly reminder while we're on the subject of our pretty little hormones, I'm going to be doing a FREE webinar coming up on September 9 about PCOS and ovarian cysts. It's going to be jam-packed with info on how you can get rid of those little buggers, plus I'll be giving away a secret $200 giveaway at the end of my webjam, so you'll want to make sure you stick around until the end. Plus when you show up live, I'll get the opportunity to really chat with you and answer all your burning questions, plus we'll go through the questionnaire that you'll be given when you reserve your seat.

So reserve your seat now for my upcoming FREE LIVE webinar and make sure you show up live, okay?

So sit back and check out this week's video and get the goods!

From my sexy heart to yours,



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