Possessed with the allergenic demon?

Mama didn’t warn you about this, did she? She didn’t tell you about the nasty little demon that creeps in your belly and creates havoc in your system. She didn’t mention about the associated inflammatory responses and the emotional bouts of ugly cries, did she? She stuffed your little Gizmo belly with foods that created a Gremlin and later in life you continued to feed the demon. Maybe you’re not aware because its seemed normal for so many years, which is why I’m here to tell you all about it. It’s time to learn about one of the crucial things to think about when transforming your body for 2013…the allergenic demon.

Weight gain

My patients always ask me, "Really? Allergies are associated to weight gain?" Oh hell yes. In fact allergies are associated with chronic inflammation, which is one of the root causes of obesity. If we don’t digest well because we’ve digested an allergenic demon like wheat or dairy, then our body responds. Many of the times after splurging on a burger with friends, we’ll awaken to the fat fairy gracing us with a muffin top the next day. But oh, behold, it is not fat my friends it could very well be an inflammatory response like water retention trying to flush out the demons.

According to Chinese Medicine, if we can’t digest, our Spleen (which governs digestion) begins to lose its mojo and dampness results in our digestive system. Swampy goodness (note my sarcasm), creates constipation, the urgent shits and a sore burning little brown star that forces you to take a second before you sit.

The Emotional Connection

After years of bagel and Philadelphia light strawberry cream cheese eating years, I never associated my moods to what I ate. Emotionally I couldn’t get a grip at times. I’d want to scream with frustration or required reassurance as I described my complicated feelings to rolling eyes of friends and partners all the while having an ugly cry. The allergenic demon can produce anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate and depression. Unfortunately the emotional reaction that’s created is usually a result of a delayed response – as long as 3-4 days after consumption. So forget the scratch test people, since studies show it measures a mere 15% of allergies.

So what can you to transform our mind and bodies for 2013 to be happier, sexier and demon-free people? Reducing main offenders like wheat and dairy is a great place and increasing your water intake to reduce histamine levels produced. But more so, sign up to The Enlighten Movement, get a freebie and stay tuned. On December 11, the official doors will open for purchase where you’ll learn how to transform yourself this New Year and help to transform the world…effortlessly (those details to come). During Phase I of the online program I will take you through an anti-inflammatory nutritional approach. Plus you’ll receive worksheets, audio recordings, interviews and a 1-hour Skype consult and be guided to get you off to the right start for 2013.

What are you waiting for? It's time to say adieu to that nasty little Gremlin.

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