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Words cannot express how sincerely grateful I am for Melissa’s guidance and encouragement. Suffering from ovarian cysts for well over 15 years, I felt sluggish and tired most of the time. Melissa’s individualized program helped me realize that my diet was the main contributor of my health concerns. With Melissa’s guidance, I began a lifestyle change full of wholefoods, delicious and innovative recipes and supplements. I now feel energetic and my health concerns are nonexistent. This dramatic change is all thanks to Melissa’s expertise and experience. I look forward to reading her weekly blogs and trying more creative recipes.

“I absolutely love Melissa's approach to health! It's not too often that you can find a practitioner like herself that conveys healthy living in a fun, attainable and sexy way. She is not only informative but incredibly engaging through her blog posts and weekly video newsletters that crack me up. As the owner of Pure Food + Wine and One Lucky Duck here in NYC, I know how important healthy living is, but it needs to be approachable and Melissa has achieved this through and through. She's definitely one of the rock stars in this industry and someone I wholeheartedly believe can help promote real change.”

Melissa’s’ sexy, funny, and accesible approach to health made it possible for me to find balance in my diet and lifestyle and to feel passionate about nourishing my body with good, whole foods! Since I’ve found I have switched to a mostly Vegan/Raw diet and I’ve begun including yoga and meditation into my lifestyle. That belly pooch that had once seemed to me a life-long companion, has completely vanished and I finally have that “glow” to my skin that all the cool, healthy chicks were talkin’ about. Melissa cracked the code on chronic fatigue for me and my daily 3pm crash is a thing of the past! is an AMAZING resource. Melissa’s blog entries are informative, inspiring, and often hilarious and I truly love and use her recipes….her Pretty in Pink dressing has become my favourite! But what makes Melissa’s insight and services as a nutritional councillor and Chinese Medicine practitioner is that she understands that food is more than just what we put in our mouths to fuel our body – it is also about how we nourish our souls. Food is a multi-faceted issue, and our ability to nourish ourselves properly is an ever-increasing challenge in our society. Melissa understands that it’s not just about sticking to an ultra-strict regime that allows us to heal. It’s about taking into consideration the emotional impulses behind why we eat the way we do and what that means. In short – she’s found a way to combine her wealth of nutritional knowledge with an understanding of the challenges of modern life. The result is a practical approach to wellness that really works.

If you feel emotions, you need Sexy Food Therapy. Creator, Melissa Ramos has provided me with the tools, guidance and inspiration to eat properly during emotional times, rather than turn to “bad” foods that only makes me feel worse. Feeling healthy with SFT has helped me feel confident, and confidence is sexy. I’ll always turn to SFT when I need it.

Melissa Ramos is the epitome of collected cool. Her approach to nutrition is anything but typical, and I felt nothing but understanding and acceptance when Mel and I worked together on my health goals. As a yo-yo dieter and someone who has tested the gamut of “lifestyle changes,” I was albeit a bit apprehensive about the Sexy Food Therapy approach. Was Mel going to be another nutritionist preaching to me about the tenets of dark greens and saying goodbye completely to refined sugars? Would she scold me if I cheated on her plan? If she says I have to give up coffee then chick can go to…

Delightfully, the Sexy Food Therapy dogma is one I truly feel anyone can adhere to. Mel’s understanding of human nature and needs and wants is uncanny for someone in her position. But this is what makes her so successful: breaking the rules without breaking trust. Mel formulated a nutrition plan that directly targeted my worst eating habits in a way that didn’t make me feel like I had to give up all the foods I love. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine and how certain foods emotionally affect us is stunning and helped me understand why I felt how I did when I overate.
Most importantly, Mel is a friend. She is someone who is able to maintain authority in her practices while sitting together on a patio enjoying a martini. The Sexy Food Therapy approach isn’t limiting, on the contrary it’s inviting. After all, if you can treat your relationship with food like that of a loved one, and realize that treating one another respectfully can lead to less stagnation and more excitement – and dare I say even some fun, dirty times – how could that be considered bad? I wholeheartedly recommend adding a little Sexy Food Therapy to your life…and with it, a dash of the lovely Ms. Ramos.

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