red curry ribs

Probably the best Red Curry Coconut Ribs you’ll ever have – guaranteed.

I know I sound pretty confident when I say that, but it’s true, I’ve honestly discovered the best rib recipe on the face of this planet. It’s the perfect recipe for a cold winter day (shout out to ma’ freezing peeps here in TO!) and a wonderful lick your fingers with silly glee-type recipe. But here’s the thing, I’m all about saving time! So forget laboring in the kitchen these Red Curry Coconut Ribs are a synch to make and will please just about anyone!

Although vegans…cover your eyes and know I have a recipe coming up that’s going to blow your panties off.

Seriously, if you have a crockpot, this is the recipe for you. If you don’t, invest in one because it’ll make your life a breeze and by the time you get home, you’ll have these incredible ribs waiting for.

Red Curry Coconut Pork Ribs

2 racks of pork ribs (or beef short ribs if you don’t eat pork)

1 can Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk

4 tbsp Thai Kitchen Red Curry past (2 tbsp for each rib)

3 tbsp minced garlic

2 tbsp minced fresh ginger

Juice from 1 lime

1/2 tsp sea salt sprinkled generously

Sliced jalapenos or chilis of your choice

½ cup mixed fresh herbs: basil and cilantro

This dish is perfect for a cold winter day and will seriously give your taste buds an orgasm – seriously, it’s THAT good! Plus it’s super easy. Here’s how:

Rub the red curry paste over both pork wracks. Top with minced garlic and ginger

Next place ribs in a crockpot and pour coconut milk over top, squeeze lime juice and top with fresh herbs, chilis and salt.

Turn crockpot onto high for 1 hour and turn heat down to low and let simmer for 8 hours occasionally basting them with the coconut sauce.

Once done, the ribs will come out so tender, it’ll be falling off the bone. Definitely a major crowd pleaser if there’s anything left after you’re done with them!

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