remedies for ovarian cysts

The remedies for ovarian cysts I wish I knew about.

I had an Ally McBeal moment the day I sat in front of my doctor who told me, “Relax, ovarian cysts happen in every woman.” I could picture throwing him across his clinic crashing into the pile of out dated magazines. I felt like he was demeaning the experience I had of stabbing pains that would stop me in my tracks and had me keeled over in pain. Even after the surgery that almost killed me, I was still told by doctors, “Well it isn’t THAT uncommon, but here take this pill.”

Something inside of me wanted to scream out, muscles growing and tearing my shirt. No doctor bothered to take the time to talk to me about prevention and this is certainly something that happens to every woman.

Well ladies, since I felt it was time we took our lady balls into our own hands, I thought I'd provide you with some remedies for ovarian cysts.

Liver Work is Crucial

Our livers are bombarded and are too congested to filter out estrogens coming through. In fact Mark Hyman estimates that over 70% of North Americans have non alcoholic fatty livers! So how the heck are we supposed to filter out all those hormones if our livers are congested? This is due to a poor diet, genetics, emotional factors and lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, etc.). So those hormones will go back into circulation creating cyst babies on our lady balls. This is where a liver work becomes beneficial. Where do we begin? Here are some tips:

  • Add more greens into your diet - greens fuel the liver meridian and is massively detoxifying
  • Sour foods like lemon in your water (and drink 2L of water daily), or nibble on a small piece of an umeboshi plum.
  • Add beets into your world. Betaine, the component found in beets is the substance that encourages the liver cells to get rid of toxins. Additionally, betaine acts to defend the liver and bile ducts, which are important if the liver is to function properly.
  • Probiotics - this will not only facilitate digestion, but studies are now showing that it also helps to reduce stress! And when stress hormones are elevated our livers (and pretty much every other organ in our bodies) are affected.
  • Remove or drastically reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption

The Emotional Remedy

Too often I see practitioners advertise detoxes simply focusing on the physical. Sure you’ll get recipes just about anywhere, but addressing the emotional connection is crucial. Take a read through this for example and see how you can identify with this in your own life.

If you’re burning the candle at both ends and not giving yourself any freedom to express yourself creatively can result in cysts. The area they develop in is from our area of creation and birth, so this makes sense. Our bodies will repel by creating what I call speed bumps to slow us down and take notice. But what if you're not a creative person? Well then ask yourself, are you happy? During the times I had developed cysts were probably some of the darkest. I hated my relationship and felt stuck, stifled and stagnant. After I left the relationship that literally had me losing hair from stress, my symptoms subsided and I haven’t had one since. Suddenly I felt free and yes, a new-found ability to express myself creatively. In addition, cysts (depending on the side) will represent a male or female in your life - generally a mother or father, sibling or partner.

Therapeutic Food Remedy

If you think that supplements are the magic bullet, then think again. A huge part of healing an ovarian cyst comes right back to food. So I thought I'd provide you with one of my favourite therapeutic recipes that are found in my free Sexy Smoothies ebook:

remedies for ovarian cysts


1 cup coconut water

1 frozen banana

1 tbsp tahini (or nut butter of your choice)

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp dried ginger

Blend and enjoy

The lovely thing about turmeric is that it tonifies the liver and digestion and with its anti-inflammatory action can help to dissolve uterine tumors and cysts.

In the meantime, what's common is the amount of women out there that are unfulfilled, overworked, stuck and feel like they have no choice. I'm here to tell you, you do. Because ladies soon, it’ll be time to take our lady balls into our own hands to shine and dust them off and be the powerful women we were meant to be.

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