Looking for Nutrition Speakers? Look no further, I’ve found you just the one.

I speak to audiences about what it takes to create a healthy body - from the inside out.

If you're looking for an ordinary talk about vitamin A, B or C, you've come to the wrong place.

Instead, those who've hired me understand that they'll get a talk filled with not only information but an injection of quick wit, sass and loads of energy. Whether you're looking to increase productivity in the workplace, motivate and inspire people to take better care of their health, I'm here to give you the goods.

I've spoken to audiences in Canada and the US about all facets of health and even social media. I've appeared all across the media from national television being on the Steven & Chris show to now being the regular expert on CTV's The Social. The stage is my home and if you're ready to hire someone to heat up the stage, then you've come to the right place.

I adore big crowds, educating, empowering and making you laugh. Oh and I adore high heels too.

Here is a listing of topics I have previously spoken about:

  • Stress Management: Why it's more important than you think
  • Increasing Productivity in The Workplace
  • Digestion & The Skin: An East meets West approach
  • Social Media: Why we all need to push the envelope
  • The Answer to Your Health is in Your Poop - TED Talk (see below)





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