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One of the things I love to see is when innovators hit the health industry. Goodbye to the days of exclusivity or hippies, the health industry has been reshaped for all (including hippies!). It's one of the many reasons I love Amber Joliat. To me she is the epitome of sexy, grace, love and strength. She is the owner of Misfit Studios where she combines serenity with bit of rock and roll and has created a tribe of Misfits who flock to her studio. So in this week's Sexy Scoop, I am beyond honoured to feature a woman that I admire in so many ways and I am positive that you will too.

One of the things I absolutely adore about you is that you really bring a major cool-factor to the yoga and pilates world with Misfit Studio. In many ways I can relate with Sexy Food Therapy and I wanted to find out what was your inspiration to go the route you did by injecting what you call, “calm spiced with rock and roll?”

My inspiration comes from a deep desire to be free having been in the movement world, dancing, teaching dance then yoga and finally Pilates I recognized a gap a sense that something was missing never feeling truly comfortable at a studio I decided to open my own! A place where no matter who you are, what you do, where you've come from, the experience is the same open, accepting, and filled with a resounding sense of acceptance, light and laughter to create an environment where a little piece of freedom is my thang....

And a hope that the celebration of what one CAN do and how the body CAN move is achievable that kind of experience is my passion!!!

I know that you’re super health-conscious and I’m curious about your connection with food. Can you name a difficult time in your life where food helped you get through it?

It's funny to me NOW! being health conscious is a way of life!!!

There's no trick, no secret, I embody that each day that is filled by movement and delicious meals fuels a positive life! I don't believe in rules, or creating rigidity. I eat bread and cheese. I drink wine. I celebrate with champagne and chocolate, I believe sharing a beautiful meal is far better than being consumed by what the count or carb or fat is that simply makes no sense to me, thankfully this belief has helped keep me steady even in times of shift and change. Amen!

As a dancer there were times of serious control around food, a real shadow that was probably an eating disorder. I feel SO MANY people struggle with their relationship to food, and NOW feeling that mine is open and free I can RECOGNIZE how controlled I once was YEARS ago.

It was a time where my day was consumed by when, what and how I was eating. Everything calculated. Everything controlled. It was a desperate cry for wanting to control SOMETHING in my life. It affected my family, my friends and my relationship with myself. I see in others a similar struggle and empathize deeply. It's only in retrospect, I feel grateful to have overcome and relinquished the control over food.

Eating is such a beautiful part of life. It was during my time travelling especially in Europe where my relationship to food shifted. Where the ceremony and celebration around food was bright. Eating fresh and in a spectrum of colour happens at every meal. Sharing with family and friends and neighbours is natural and eating in a rush, "on the go" or in a car is unheard of. There is no "convenience" food. This is an attitude I have adapted. I love to prepare food, present a meal, get creative.  It's all part of the joy around my food.


You’re so tapped in to this industry, especially with your tribe of “Misfits” and being a creative soul that you are, I’m going to assume that you’re very intuitive. What do you think is the greatest struggle that people are facing today and what advice do you have for them to overcome it?

My tribe, my Misfit gang is mostly female powered and I still see a struggling with confidence, body image and our societal fixation on youth. Teaching from a place of authentic celebration of movement and believing in the magic of movement, I encourage everyBODY to get comfortable in their own skin. It's a timeless message to be able to stand tall and walk confidentially in any direction. It's a choice. That said, I believe it comes from a deeper place of confidence. Choosing one goal each day, taking a fusion class, walking to work, rolling on the floor with your kids or pets or friends, dancing around to music.... it all aids in the sensation of feeling alive, connected to yourself and from THAT place, an inner radiance can truly shine through. It's an individual discovery and I encourage everyone to find their magic! Their expression! Their own strut in the world!!!

What is the one non-negotiable healthy food ingredient that you can’t do without?

Hmmmmmm...avocados. I LOVE! THEM!!! I'm also a big nuts (hehe) and seeds gal. I eat them on a salad, on soup, in smoothies or as a quick snack.

Alright I’m going to get a little personal (if I haven’t already), so here’s a two-part question: When it comes to love, what makes you tick and what makes you turn right off?


I've learned that attraction for me runs deeper than physical. The physical IS important of course because I love me some strong shoulders and twinkly eyes, but more so, is the ability for lovers to grow together, to openly discuss EVERYTHING, to be able to laugh and be light and constantly learn from eachother.


That KNOWING a special someone has taken time to learn allll about you! The quirks, the intricacies, the magical uniqueness we all have!

And what do you think is a must-have in any relationship?


After a day full of fun and exciting life stuff, to want to rip each others clothes off!!!!


Mmmmmm...my fellas smell.....

When you want to cut loose and let your hair down, what do you do? Does Ms. Amber Joliat have a wild side that we don’t know about?

Ha! probably we allll have an inner wild cat. Mine is a panther, and I love late nights with conversation and food and too much wine!!

Dancing was once a really important thing to do, now it's more riding my motorcycle, building a love den with my fella, going on an adventure where antiquing and picnics are mandatory.

Haha..... sooooo me!!!

I’d love to know what your favourite recipe is, can you share one with my readers?


Baby arugula & baby kale
Pea shoots
Vine ripe tomatoes
Toasted nuts & seeds


Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Grainy mustard
Maple syrup
Salt &pepper
Pinch of cayenne

Shake & serve



Cured meat
Blood orange
Mustard & honey

Use only amazing old knives to eat with.

Can you share with us what’s next in your world? (Possibly a Misfit studio opening in Toronto’s East end??? **wishful thinking**)

Ha! You and the entire EAST END!!! Rebuilding the current studio, adding more thrilling classes, more movement, more dance, more expression! The crossover of art/music/movement is so important to me continuing to create an experience for the MISFIT GANG. And then there's travel, teacher training programs, WANDERLUST! I'm teaching at AGAIN this summer, retreats around the world, and diving deeper into the desire to connect more to ourselves, to each other, to nature, to art! More! More! More!!!

In one word describe your relationship to food: in the past, in the present and what you hope it to be in the future.


In the past sadly, it was fear, oppression and control.


Presently in IN LOVE with food. Every mouthful is full of sensation and experience. I NEVER take that for granted. (You'll see when we finally share a meal, colour, texture, display all play big roles, and I'm a slow eater!)


My future desire is to carve out more time to cook. I used to cook ALL the time, I'm super busy these days, and excited to get back in the kitchen!


For more on Amber Joliat and Misfit Studio, please connect with her here:

Facebook: MISFITSTUDIO, Twitter: @MISFITSTUDIO or @amberj, Instagram: MISFITSTUDIO

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