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Sexy Scoop with Daniel Desforges & Julio Reyes

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Well this is a first I've featured a couple and I just couldn't resist but to feature hotties, Daniel Desforges and Julio Reyes. These guys are making big waves with sites DoTheDaniel that features food & lifestyle and FASHIONIGHTS.com which has been voted as one of the top 8 Most Influential Fashion & Beauty blogs of 2013 by Elle Canada. Being major influencers in social media world, its no surprise that these two met online and that Daniel proposed to Julio over Instagram! So on this week's Sexy Scoop, I've been given the wonderful honour of interviewing these two lovebirds on their thoughts about working together, love and of course food. Here it is...

You were named one of Toronto’s most influential couples, congrats! What advice could you give our readers on working with the one you love without killing each other and keeping the fire alive?  I mean straight up…what are the advantages and disadvantages that you've noticed?

Being a couple that works together has both its ups and downs for sure. Now that DoTheDaniel.com is up and running it makes things a little easier since Julio isn't editing everything I write!  When working with your loved one, the best piece of advise we could offer is try to be patient and not take things too seriously.  Most importantly, make time for one another.  We make an effort to have atleast one date night a week where it is just us and no phones, no tweets and no emails allowed.  Though we are always busy, it's important to remember that we are a couple as well and that time is special.  Spice things up by sending cute love notes, buying "just because" flowers and never forget to spend the same amount of time you put in behind the computer screen underneath the sheets.

I'd imagine that you guys are constantly on the go attending a lot of events and openings.  How do you make sure you’re both staying healthy while keeping up to such a busy schedule?

It takes a lot of self control and awareness to not let our health get out of hand.  We are both selective when we attend events to avoid gorging on catered food if at all possible and eating as much fresh fruits and vegetables during the day.  We never take for granted a home cooked meal and ensure to try and eat balanced meals around a busy event schedule.

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Photography credit: Amanda Hayden

Being in the fashion industry, have you noticed a change on what we classify as beautiful by way of body types? Do you think we're progressing, staying the same or regressing?

High Fashion is always going to have the double 0 models walking down the runway. That's just the industry and it's a difficult mentality to change.  Insofar as the definition of beauty, most models in the fashion industry are quite peculiar looking.  The ability to be unique is an important aspect of fashion to set yourself apart. So in that respect, individuality and uniqueness are relatively new factors in fashion.  As for body types, you're seeing a lot of different ad campaigns and awareness being created.  Even though fashion weeks may walk 00 sized girls, that doesn't mean that major brand names are using a more realistic model in 2014 and for that we applaud them.

Congrats on the recent engagement!  Who's the better cook between the two of you and could you share your favourite dish with us?

Daniel is the cook for sure.  He loves to be in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and creating beautiful dishes.  His inspiration is to try and eat as much fresh food as possible and make them delicious at the same time.  Simplicity is important though because when a recipe gets too complicated, the food might get lost in the shuffle.  And let's be honest, who has two hours to cook a meal everyday.

One of our favourites would be a Tortilla de Patatas (aka Fritata or latke) because its simple, fresh and always hits the spot.  The one Daniel created recently for a blog post was one of our favourites and can be amended to add any type of flavour you might be craving.  Quick and easy but not processed, this recipe was a lot of fun to cook at a couple and we recommend everyone to try it.

Tortillas de patatas

Running one of Canada’s top fashion and lifestyle blogs keeps you both pretty up to date on the trends.  What would you say are some of the most popular food trends at the moment? In your opinion, what are some of the biggest misconceptions?

Food trends change as quickly as fashion trends do for sure.  The latest trend we are seeing in the food world is the inclusion of Kale and Cauliflower in popular dishes.  As ingredients, they are versatile and can be that addition of colour that any chef needs.  Not to mention they are both really good for you too!

As for misconceptions, we feel as though the majority of people still think that if something is healthy, it doesn't taste good.  With the advances in the internet and educational tools available out there, eating healthy doesn't have to be all quinoa and whole wheat anymore.  Some of the best dinners we have hosted have been delicious and nutritious.  All you need to do is educate yourself and take a risk in the kitchen to try something new or make one small substitution in your recipe.

If I were to snoop into your kitchen, what three must-have healthy ingredients do you guys have and what is your one (or two) guilty little pleasure that you just can't do without?

1. Whole grain rice for Julio since he can't seem to go more then a few days without it being that he is Latino and it is a staple in his food history.

2. Fresh fruit at all times.  We both have at least one to two pieces a day and switch up our options with seasonal selection even during  busy day of events.

3. Leaf greens like spinach and kale.  Daniel loves to make salads and it is the perfect boost of vitamins to munch on with any meal.

As for our guilty little pleasure, it would definitely have to be salty snacks. Kettle chips and salted nuts kill our cravings when we have them and though they might not be the greatest thing for us, we couldn't possibly give them up!

Daniel has recently launched a new lifestyle blog affiliated with Fashionights called Do The Daniel which has a focus on the food and restaurant industry.  What else is next for you two?

London England for FASHIONIGHTS. Daniel is working hard to build Julio's brand overseas in the Fashion world and help to make him an international voice in London with major publications and partnerships.  Some big things are on the way, so you won't want to miss what we have in store!

As for Do The Daniel, Daniel is working to bring his reknown restaurant review column "Daniel's Dish" cross country and visit some of the best restaurants in Canada.  As well as new partnerships with wines from all over the world, Daniel wants to be THE Food & Lifestlye blog that everyone looks to in 2014.

What are three words that you would use to describe your relationship to food in the past, present and what you hope it could be in the future?

Past: Infatuation

Present: Education

Future: Experimentation


For more on Daniel & Julio, don't forget to check them out on their exploding social media network:

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