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Sexy Scoop HuffPost Live Interview with Deepak Chopra

I was once asked, "If you could interview anyone, who would it be?" My answer: Deepak Chopra. So when I got the opportunity to jump on this interview hosted by Nancy Redd, I was quickly jumped at the chance. In my opinion, having the opportunity to ask even one question was enough of a blessing because I deeply respect his wisdom and knowledge. So in this interview, my question was focused around food and nutrition of course! More specifically I asked about the term, "spiritual hunger" that he uses in his book, "What Are You Hungry For?"

Deepak's response to my question? Nothing short of brilliant and certainly thought-provoking.

I encourage you to watch this entire 20min HuffPost Live interview, because he touches upon the topics of meditation, love, wealth and of course food. But if you're simply interested in the food/nutrition part, you can skip to 11:08 in the interview when I get the chance to ask the man himself.

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