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Sexy Scoop with Kimberly Genevieve

When I had the opportunity to interview brilliant photographer Kimberly Genevieve who's clients include NBC, ELLE Decor, Karen Kimmel, Anthropologie and much more, I jumped at the chance. This beautiful bombshell is killing it over in sunny Los Angeles and healthy food as part of her regime. I'm honoured and excited to feature this week's Sexy Scoop with Kimberly Genevieve.

Picking up and moving from Canada to sunny Los Angeles to fulfill your dream of being a photographer must have been pretty scary. What advice would you give to our readers who are hesitant to make that jump to following their dreams?

To be completely honest, it wasn't scary at all. I was more excited than anything, and I didn't really think things through, I sort of just did it! If you have big dreams, you really have to go chasing after them, and for me, California was THE DREAM! I always wanted to say I lived in California for a year, and now, 5 years later, I'm still living the life I always dreamt of and I'm taking photos for a living. I feel so blessed!

Indulge us a little, who's the sexiest celebrity you've photographed so far and why?

There's something so attractive about Kelly Wearstler! I have always adored her, so it was an unbelievable honor when I was commissioned by ELLE Decor to photograph Kelly at her beautiful property in Beverly Hills. More recently, I did get to photograph celebrity chef Curtis Stone, and well, he was pretty cute too!

kimberlyGiven that you photograph people all the time of all shapes and sizes, what advice could you give our readers about developing a positive body image (beyond all the photoshopped images out there) and are there any tricks to feeling comfortable in front of the camera?

I've developed a bunch of fun tricks that really help some of my shy clients feel much more comfortable in front of the camera. Unfortunately, not everyone feels natural with a camera pointed at their face, and I understand that, so it's my job to coach them through those uncomfortable moments. Besides all the little tricks, I think that confidence in front of the camera is all that matters, regardless of your shape and size, if you have confidence, it'll come out in the photographs. I always recommend that my clients get their hair and makeup done before a shoot, even if it's just a quick blowout. It really helps increase the comfort level when you're getting your picture taken.

What's the one no-holds barred food you simply cannot live without, healthy or not?

Mexican food, definitely mexican food! Los Angeles has the best mexican food. It's so fresh and healthy with lots of vegan/vegetarian options full of raw vegetables. I eat it once a week! We'll often go out for vegan nachos together or get mexican salads for take-out. It really is the best indulgence!

 If you could photograph anyone, dead or alive, and then sit down for a meal with them, who would it be and what would you eat?

There are so many people I'd love to photograph. Elvis, Leonardo Dicaprio, Bono, the Olsen Twins and the list goes on … I'd eat peanut butter & banana sandwiches with Elvis, fish and chips with Bono, drink lemonade with Dicaprio, and definitely just a cup of coffee with the Olsen twins.

It seems like a lot of your photography involves food. Do you have a recipe you'd like to share with us?

I love playing with food photography, especially on my instagram. It's something I can do at home, and I just really enjoy getting creative with my meal before eating it.

Here's a fun photo of what my breakfast normally looks like before a long shoot day.


I try to always start my day with some kind of breakfast bowl. this one is made with:

  • plain organic greek yogurt
  • mixture of berries (usually raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or goji berries)
  • a mixture of nuts and seeds (especially almonds and chia seeds)
  • bear naked high protein granola
  • bee pollen
  • shredded coconut
  • It's the perfect breakfast!

You've also founded a wedding photography business, We Call This Love, with your boyfriend.  What's next for Kimberly Genevieve?  Does it involve food?

I recently teamed up with my friend Jessie to create a photography workshop called SnapClass! We're teaching newbies how to photograph using an SLR camera and also how to create good quality images using an iphone. It's been so rewarding seeing all of the students' photographs improving so quickly after taking the workshop with us. Aside from SnapClass, there's still so much more to come for Kimberly Genevieve. I feel like I'm just getting started!

What are three words that you would use to describe your relationship to food in the past, present and what you hope it could be in the future?

Past: vegetarian. convenience. taste

Present: energy. medicinal/healing. experimental

Future: energy. medicinal/healing. organic

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