Skin Brushing Detox & a DIY Exfoliating Beauty Mask – Kickstart Video 2

So I'm all about shiny, soft skin, but when it can detox at the same time, then I'm all ears. Believe it or not, our skin eliminates ONE POUND of waste per day. Thing is, if you're not dry skin brushing, then that waste isn't eliminating but rather staying on your skin not allowing for it to breathe. Don't feel like cuddling up to your love? Yep, I don't blame ya.

It's time to take on a skin brushing detox.

Which is why in today's Kickstart Your Liver Detox video tutorial no.2, I'm going to be giving you the goods on dry skin brushing and give you a DIY exfoliating beauty mask recipe. But what the heck does this have to do with liver detoxing? Dry skin brushing aids in lymphatic circulation that aids in detoxing because you can't just focus on one organ but rather take on a more holistic approach. Our lymphatic system doesn't actually move on its own, but relies on us to move and with a pretty sedentary society, any of our lymphatic systems are congested leading to a host of immune-type, inflammatory issues. That aside, dry skin brushing also makes your skin kissably soft and reduces cellulite. Ya, you heard me: REDUCES. CELLULITE. Holy Batgirl, right? But since you shouldn't use a loofah sponge on the face, I've included an exfoliating facial mask that's super easy to do and will give your face a gorgeous glow after it pulls all those environmental toxins your skin is exposed to day in, day out. So trust me when I say, if you follow today's tips, you are going to shine brighter than Beyoncé. **snap!** In the meantime, don't forget...

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