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I’m Melissa Ramos, Nutritionist with a focus on Chinese Nutrition Therapy and Creator of Sexy Food Therapy. If you’re struggling with hormonal, emotional or digestive issues then you’ve come to the right place!

Sweet, right?

Wait did you say Sexy Food Therapy? What the heck does that mean?

That’s right, Sexy Food Therapy. This is where I help women feel sexy from the inside out in a way that’s relatable and 100% attainable!
Now before you go thinking this is just another Nutrition website, think again.

Sexy Food Therapy is where I use nutrition as the foundation and infuse Eastern Medical philosophy by incorporating Chinese Nutrition Therapy and Ayurvedic techniques. You’ll also learn how to compliment and jack up your results with incredible lifestyle tactics and supplement suggestions. Wrap it all up and you’ve got one kick ass formula for health.

So if you’re ready to have a fun with a sassy little approach to health, then get ready. My approach with Sexy Food Therapy will have you looking and feeling better than ever before with my online programs, consultations, videos and blog.

What Sexy Food Therapy is Not

Before we get any deeper, let’s get real and set some realistic expectations, shall we?

1. Sexy Food Therapy is not a gimmick or fad diet.

One of the areas of the health industry I don’t condone is fad diets or promises that your life will turn around in a day or with some magical pill. So while I’ve seen people pooping like a champ in as early as a day or getting their period back in a month, remember that we’re all different. I work with people hands on to help identify their unique cases and work towards promoting a lasting change.

2. Sexy Food Therapy is not about aphrodisiac foods.

I know that given “sexy food” is in my business name and it’s common for people to think that I’ll be giving them the aphrodisiac goods, but that’s not the case. However you will receive ways to balance your hormones that can certainly make being between the sheets a lot more fun!

3. Sexy Food Therapy is not a militant approach to health.

By being 100% strict, you risk falling off the bandwagon and getting wrapped up in torturous self-punishment and that’s almost worse than the act itself! Sexy Food Therapy is designed so to provide flexible solutions that you can live with and that will get you results.

4. Sexy Food Therapy does not subscribe to one eating regime.

In other words, Sexy Food Therapy is not just for vegans or die-hard paleo babes. Here you won’t have to subscribe to a certain label (we can just leave that for the crummy packaged foods). Rather the recipes and recommendations are designed to have something in it for everyone.

Sexy Food Therapy: What to Expect

At Sexy Food Therapy you will be informed with the most current health information about hormonal, emotional and digestive health. You can receive this info through my blog or my weekly video newsletter by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

But heck, if you want to just dive right into the action, no problem! I’ve included below a must-have resource guide on how to balance your hormones, poop like a champ and gain emotional stability.

I’m so grateful for you.

I wanted to end this off by saying that I’m grateful that you came by to visit. Plus I wanted to let you know that I’m here for you not only as your guide but your biggest cheerleader and ass kicker all in one.

Thank you so much for your support. And if you’ve made it this far I’d love for you to say hi over at my Facebook page. I’ll definitely respond and I look forward to connecting with you!


From my sexy heart to yours,


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