Stopping the cattiness syndrome.

If you ask the average person what their earliest recollection in life is, the majority of the times they’d recall a bad experience from childhood. Mine began at junior kindergarten and I was in the washroom stall. As I hovered over the toilet seat like mama taught me to do, I reached for several sheets of toilet paper. It was at that moment three heads appeared from the base of the door and they all began to laugh and point at me.

Then as I braved through elementary school, I became free of the shackles (a.k.a. my headgear) and walked into highschool with a set that made heads turn. Suddenly I was a woman and my face was pinned on the yearly beat up list by bullies Kathy, Andrea and Hellen. Luckily due to my big mouth, it never happened.

And for many of us it doesn’t stop there.

Bleeding through the confines of corporate culture, drama is created, snide remarks and an adult form of bullying takes on a new form.

Now I’m not saying I’ve only been “the victim” in this scenario because I’d be outright lying to you if I said I have. Certainly I’ve felt intimidated in my past, but quick recognition can easily stop the sideways glance that could shoot laser beams into a woman’s soul.

So why does this happen and how do we stop that cattiness syndrome?

The main reason I believe this all goes down is due to insecurity and security is instilled from an early age (think root chakra stuff my hippie friends). Other causes are a poor diet and lack of exercise because both of these types of fuel empower us to look and feel great. And when we do, we don’t look outside for validation because we’re powered by it already. This is what I’d call true body transformation because we stop comparing ourselves with others.

And isn’t this what you want for the New Year? Wouldn’t you rather use the energy to propel yourself to be your personal best rather than have it guided by trying to keep others with others?

If your answer is yes, here’s my last big piece of advice:


Yep, giving it sometimes is the hardest thing to do. It may make you feel like you have to swallow your pride or become vulnerable, but it works. I found when I gave back, did a random act of kindness or loved the person I was most intimidated by it dissolved.

The Enlighten Movement will help you transform your body AND help to transform the world at the same time (those details to come). Here is the opportunity to love yourself and others around you and dissolve that cattiness. Or feel so powerful in your own right that cattiness bumps off you like a June bug. If you haven’t RSVP’d do so now and receive my Ultimate Grocery & Kitchen Guide for FREE. Doors officially open for purchase on December 11, 2013. It will be then that you’ll be guided through with personalized Nutrition (think meal plans, 1 hour consult, recipes and more), plus fitness and an Emotional Specialist that will rock your world.

Magic is in the making and I hope you jump in with the rest of us to make 2013 the most beautiful and loving year yet.

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