The Pay-What-You-Can Stress Detox has relaunched!

Here’s what to expect:

Stress Detox 14-Day Plan 

*This can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

This amazing e-booklet is filled with my most popular recipes and a whole plethora of new ones (vegetarian, vegan and meat options available) to help ground, root & restore the body based on Western Nutrition, Ayurvedic and Chinese Nutrition Therapeutic principles. You’ll receive a 14-day action plan that will include supplement, dietary, acupressure and lifestyle advice, plus a 7-day dietary plan that can be used interchangeably for the 14-days.

Expert Webinars

Dr. David Miller: Homeopathy – Providing you with 5 energetic formulas to help shift stress patterns energetically

Melissa Ramos: Nutrition & Chinese Medicine – providing detailed information on various supplements, foods & acupressure. Plus I’ll be discussing a bit more about emotional stress and how to calm the mind body & soul.

Kelly Boaz – Relationship Food Coach: Body Image Stress – How to overcome the negative smack talk and learn tools on how to practice self-compassion

Deanne Kelleher from the kAos Group: Organizational solutions – How to detox your mind by detoxing your space

7 Yoga Video Tutorials

Since yoga is a physical act, I wanted you to see the how-to behind the postures, so David Good and I have designed seven how-to yoga tutorials that you can implement in week one and repeat in week two.

Meditation Recordings

New to meditation? Not to worry, I’ve included three different types of meditation recordings to help find the one that best suits you. This is a critical component to the Stress Detox plan and I’ve designed this so that you can find one that works best for you.

Daily Mantras Screensavers

Since my daily mantras have been so popular, I’ve designed 14 screensavers and wallpapers that you can use for your iPad, SmartPhone or Laptop. Keep these with you to inspire you for every single day!

Private Facebook Group Page

This has been a MAJOR win within every program I’ve ever created. People have networked, made friends, motivated and supported one another. You will receive quick access to me to answer your questions. Plus it’s a great way to make sure that you complete the 14-day Stress Detox challenge and keep yourself in check!

Cost: Pay-what-you-can! No stress!


This program has been designed to say thank you for being such loyal followers of my work and to give you the opportunity to participate in my program at a price you can afford. 

*The minimum price set is $30 but you can change the price to donate more if you wish.

With much love & gratitude,
Melissa Ramos