sugarless desserts

Detox & eat your cake too with these sugarless desserts.

At one point, if you said the word detox to me, I’d assume you meant depriving myself of all the yummy food I’d normally eat. But worse (dun, dun, dun…) you’d remove all the sweets that I absolutely adore. I’m talking about chocolate and creamy vanilla desserts that I would run over squirrels just to get my hands on. So if you told me back then that I had the option of having sugar-free desserts I would think you were going to give me chocolate bricks of sawdust. Tasty? Hell no, it couldn’t be possible, right?

Today I'm going to be showing you four sugarless desserts that are downright incredible.

Seriously, they’re Arik-approved. What does that mean? My huz-to-be is sometimes skeptical at what I create and if he likes them, in my books, they pass with flying colours. You see, you certainly CAN detox without sugar and when I say without sugar I mean sans the white refined crap. The stuff that shoots up your blood sugar, makes you insulin resistant, bloated, constipated, a hormonal monster and smacks on the weight around your tummy and arms. Yup, the stuff is even eight times more addictive than cocaine! Instead, when I whip up sugar-free desserts, all my desserts will contain stevia. Now before you leave because I know many people hate stevia, wait just one second. For all of my desserts, I provide a honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar way out. This is a really cool feature in the Sexy Liver Detox because sugar substitutions can be a little tricky, but I’d rather empower you with options. That’s right, options to sub in healthy sugars will be made available, but I urge you to try it with stevia because I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So here is a preview on some of the recipes to come:

  • Chocolate Blueberry Grain-Free Donuts
  • Blueberry Grain-Free Crumble
  • Chocolate Almond Butter Coco Truffles
  • Grain-Free Lemon Cherry Walnut Bombs

But in the meantime, before I open purchase doors for the Sexy Liver Detox plan on May 17, I’ll be kicking it off with my FREE Kickstart Your Liver Detox in 5-Steps Series on May 12. Every day you’ll receive a video tutorial to prep you should you decide to join us for the full program. And yes, in one of the days, I’ll be talking about sugar. Because hell, talking about how to add in a little sweetness in to our lives without the repercussions is one of my favourite topics.

If you haven’t reserved your spot yet for my FREE Kickstart Your Liver Detox in 5-Steps Series, do so now. When you do, you’ll also be on the list to be alerted when the full program launches on the 17.

Are you ready?

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