Superfoods & when to call bullshit

I have a bit of a beef and it’s with a popular term called, “superfood”. It seemed like these designer health foods were everywhere from health food stores and written about in magazines and seen on TV.  With hefty price tags in tow, they came from far away countries and boasted grand health benefits. In my college years, I’d see people with grand hopes flocking to buy bottles of gogi juice or popping acai pills to lose weight.  I couldn’t help but to call bullshit because I felt there were a lot of shortcomings to this superfood phenomenon.

Alright, maybe my spidey senses are heightened because as an old Ad Exec, I’d like to think I see through all the hype. I mean as I look throughout the grocery store and even what’s in my fridge, I’ll see a plethora of foods that are easy on the wallet. Everything from blueberries, apples and even the mighty lemon! Yep, that’s right, these foods can be picked and enjoyed locally by everyone!  This is my superfood beef number #532: health food does NOT have to be expensive. So the other day as I craved cookies, I decided to use my local, budget-friendly, superfood wild blueberry mojo powers in my kitchen.  Here are the gluten-free blueberry chocolate goodies I created.

These are by far the tastiest, sexiest and nutrient-jam-packed goodies I have made to date and they’re going to be in my upcoming program launching in the fall based on quick and easy meals for the busy person on the go. Yep, these cookies took no longer than 20 minutes from start to finish and you can feed your face without the guilt. Brilliant! To stay informed and win some free goodies, sign up to the Red Couch Confessions.

But then...I had to call bullshit once more. The current superfood term limit our capacity to thrive. How so? Well if you consider that only superfoods have the potent capacity to nourish us, then you’re falling short. You see, the other day in practice, one of my favourite patients (who’s been following my food plan to a T) felt as though she were missing something. And this is where the term, “superfoods” need to be redefined.  One of the functions behind superfoods is to nourish us, but what if we expanded that view to include that creativity can be a type of superfood as well? Creativity becomes food for our souls, strengthens our sexual source and lifts our spirits. Problem is, we forget about it when we’re caught up in monotony and the rat race of life. Creativity has the capacity to fuel us just as much as a gogi berry…if not more.

And then there’s sex (which fuels creativity).  This is also a type of superfood. It decreases cortisol levels (our stress hormones), floods us with oxytocin (which helps to create emotional bonding between people) and actually makes us more attractive to the opposite sex by increasing pheromone levels (the best kind of perfume there is). That to me is another type of superfood. But just like food, sex comes in varying forms. You can have powerful amazing sex with someone who will shake things up or cold pizza-type of sex (even cold pizza isn't THAT bad...but it certainly isn't great). You decide what nourishes you and damn it, go get some.

So maybe I sound a little cynical about the health industry but I'll never try to sell you on something that will leave you feeling broke in more ways than one. I'd rather call bullshit and give my patients the best bang for their buck.

Now I want to hear from you…what are your thoughts on superfoods?

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