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phase 1 screen grab

The Enlighten Movement launches today!

I can't believe the day has finally come already. I was sitting in this exact same kitchen chair last night looking over at the entire program and I started to get the butterfly backflips, the kind that you get when you fall in love.

You see The Enlighten Movement opens its doors for purchase at 12pm EST today (this page will flip over to the purchase page at noon) and will be open until Saturday January 5th, 2013. You'll receive all the materials for Phase I so that you're able to prep for the New Year because we're actually not starting everything until Monday January 7, 2013 when everyone is back from vacation. Together we're going to be transforming bodies and minds AND we'll be helping to transform the world at the same time.

How?  (I know, I've been so elusive about that part).

Well today at noon stay tuned for the FULL VIDEO where you'll get the full idea of the program and be redirected to the page with all the info and the price which is even lower than a first time Skype consult with me. It's pretty amazing stuff.

So if you're looking to transform your body this New Year and do something good in the world, you are not going to want to miss this bang up program.

I'm fluttering inside and can't wait to help and make a big impact and I know that in some capacity, you'll be a part of it.

I hope you can join us. In the meantime, if you haven't RSVP'd please do and get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Grocery & Kitchen Guide when you do. Plus you'll be alerted the second the program is up at noon.

Magic is coming and I'm filled with gratitude and love.

See you soon!



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